Regarding the Churches of Men

Section One

11/12/06 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord, your Teacher: God is just in everything. And if The Father’s justice is not partial, then it shall surely come to pass in these latter days, that those who have placed themselves first shall be last, and those who were seen as last shall be first partakers of The Glory.
For what shall I do and what shall I say, to all these who call of themselves Christian, to a people who invoke My Word in Scripture, yet in that selfsame hour disobey it? Shall I reward the arrogant for their disobedience and the prideful for their pomp? Shall any who teach as doctrine the commandments of men escape the Day of The Lord? For of My servants I require meekness and fear, rightly dividing the Word of Truth unto the edification of the people - not in justification of themselves, by themselves, to their own glory.

Therefore thus says The Lord, to all those who call of themselves Christian: Do you really know Me? Have you truly received of Me? And if you have received of Me, how is it you do not abide in Me? Where is the fruit of My spirit, which you say lives in you? I tell you the truth, I have not seen it! And of My gifts, what have you done with them? My lost sheep, where have you laid them? They lie next to your faith, which has also been misplaced.

Indeed many of you have asked of Me forgiveness,
And I have washed you in My own blood;
Are you not then married to Me?...

How is it then that you still play the harlot,
Returning to those things which are not lawful,
Taking pleasure in those things I hate?...

Thus as it is written, I will surely
Correct and discipline all those I love...

For I do not change.

Therefore I have called forth the watchmen, My prophets, of whom you shall know by their fruits and by their sword (the fruits of which the devil can not duplicate - imitate, yes; duplicate, no). Therefore, woe to those who do not embrace their words and ignore their correction. For it would have been better for you if you had never met them, nor heard them, and remained in ignorance. Yet you have heard them. Thus you are bound by their words, a cord which can not be cut.
Therefore woe to all those who come against them, for you have lifted up your heel against ME! Says The Lord. Indeed all who stone them in word or by deed shall not be gathered, nor shall they escape. For I shall leave them in the midst of the fire, left unto refinement in the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord. There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Therefore listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
I ask you, do you really love Me?...

Then follow Me...

Beloved ones, listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?...

Then obey My Word! Follow Me!...

Beloved, listen closely
And take My words to heart,
All you who call of yourselves Christian:
Do you really love Me?!...

Then heed My voice and come out!...


From: Follow Me

7/26/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Yet you will not listen, you refuse to hear! WAYWARD GENERATION! Yes even you, O churches of men, have run far from Me, seeking always to be loosed from all accountability as you build yourselves up in your own false glory, that you might receive praise and recognition from men!

Behold, in your arrogance you have
Taken it upon yourselves to preach
MY Word from the pulpit, polluting it,
As though My words were subject to you
And your own private interpretation!...

O most arrogant and deceived generation,
How long must I suffer you?!..."


"Therefore, thus declares The Lord God: As surely as the sun sets and night follows, so shall the light of this world be taken. And as a closing door darkens a room, so shall I leave those who remain to all their darkened temples in which they sought to hide themselves.
For I know the thoughts of the mind, and I have heard what their hearts have spoken in secret, saying, “Let us hide from The God of Israel and cast off His Word sent to us. Let us persecute His messengers and cast stones at His prophets, that we may remain at ease in our deceptions. For we shall never be made the fool, nor shall we let any of our words fall to the ground, nor shall we allow any of our works to burn in the Day. Hush now, let us continue in secret, and let us hide the truth from the people concerning our error, lest our congregation depart from us. For we shall continue to wear our pretense as a garment and our false righteousness as a cloak, and we shall wear it well.”
Therefore, because you have brought forth such a great number of false accusations against My prophets, and have utterly rejected this Word which I have spoken to this generation, and because you have endeavored to cover your intentions by pretense and sway My people with many empty words and lofty speeches, and because you have lulled them to sleep by all your vain practices, so too shall I bring forth charges and declare all your wrongdoings before the people!... Behold, I shall bring forth judgment against you, and My words shall strip you naked! Yes, I shall reveal all your secret parts, and you shall walk naked through the streets in that day, shamefully exposed! In that day, humiliation shall be your only garment and death your only hiding place! Therefore, let repentance come forth from your lips and righteous works flow from your hands, as your feet seek to regain the line!
Yet you continue to forsake The Living God, as you cast off My every decree in favor of your own way! You continue to corrupt MY Word and profane MY Commandments! Behold, you justify your sins in the name of Grace, and spit upon My glory everyday! Thus you shall surely be made to pass through the fire, for you have made yourselves fully worthy! - Refinement in the Day of The Lord!


Your churches are as stagnant pools,
Which sour My stomach!...

Your doctrines are foul, an awful smell
In My nostrils, and your traditions leave
A bitter taste in My mouth!...


Thus says The Lord: The folly of this people is great, for they have sought to raise themselves above Me! They have no fear of God in their hearts! They mislead the penitent, as they push the sincere of heart far from Me! They hold fast to their own selfish desires, and refuse to let go of even one of their false doctrines! And as a babe clings to its mother’s breast, so also do these people among the churches of men cling to all their perverse traditions, of which I hate!
At every turn they hide their faces from Me, as they sink deeper and deeper into the mire of their fornications! Yet I remain faithful, and My Word true, says The Lord..."


"Therefore, thus says The Lord: CHURCHES OF MEN, AWAKEN FROM YOUR SLUMBER! Your service to Me is in vain! For you have grown very tired, and with heavy-laden eyes have you looked upon My people, closing your eyes to My Word as it really is, as anger builds within your hearts over that which I have sent to you!
Behold, with false righteousness you judge others and push out the hand! And with great arrogance you cast My words asunder, as though you were above reproach! Yet I tell you, you have mistaken pride for wisdom, and much learning for understanding. WOE TO YOU! Says The Lord. Woe to the learned! Woe to every high-minded scoffer who is wise in his own eyes! Woe to every arrogant pastor and prideful preacher! YOUR ABASEMENT IS COMING AND SHALL BE VERY SEVERE!

Behold, with a shout and with a mighty
Trumpet blast, it comes very quickly!...

And though your ears do not hear
And your eyes do not see, that which
I have declared shall surely come,
And woe to those who are left!...

For in a moment, and on a day you
Do not expect, your hearts shall be pierced
And your every false expectation struck through!...

For as the scythe cuts through the stalk,
As the sweeping blow fells many plants at once,
So shall the sharpness of realization cut to the heart
Of this people, and in that same moment the
Loftiness of many shall be brought down...

Behold, multitudes shall fall hard upon the ground!...

Declares The Lord."

Excerpts from: ABASEMENT

9/23/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"My people, how long shall you pollute My name?! How long shall you forsake My Sabbaths?! My people forsake My ways and will not hallow My Sabbaths; behold, My Commandments have no place in their hearts! Therefore, the dissident shall never prosper, for My every word is law!... Thus shall I kindle a fire in their courts, and bring upon them a fierce wind; great disaster shall befall them in one day!

Woe to those who cry, “Immanu El!”, then break My Commandments by permission in HIS name; you know nothing of grace, and from you My spirit is far removed!
Woe to those who say, “We are delivered!”, then persecute those sent to them; that by which you have judged shall return atop your own heads!
Woe to those who love their houses of worship and lift up empty praise in My name, then turn their backs on the Word of My mouth and refuse My correction; you have secured your place in the valley!

Woe to those who stop their ears to the
Voice of God, and follow after men!...

Yours shall be a bitter place,
Filled with remorse and many tears;
Hardship and troubles shall be your daily bread!...

Woe to every man who teaches eternal torment
And preaches everlasting burning...

Woe to all those who embrace wicked
And bitter doctrine, and hold it
Over the heads of the ignorant!...


For your famine is great, your poverty severe, a very desolate people! Offer up no praises to My glory, and make no open supplications;
I will not listen to your cause, nor will I hear your prayers; I do not accept your worship! Says The Lord.
For dogs lick up vomit, and maggots devour rotting flesh, and do not swine wallow in their own filth? Yet you have wallowed in your uncleanness days without end, licking up doctrine meet for the dogs!
Look now, death is near! The Day of Calamity is here and the Great Day is very near, where the flesh of the harlot shall be eaten and all her dead members shall be torn in pieces and strewn about! - Rotting flesh, maggot’s food, meet to be burned in the fire!
Yet you say, “This word is false! For we are fat and very rich; not one of us is desolate. Our every doctrine is well accepted, for we are God’s elect, and our church is the true church and only bride. How dare you say we are filthy and shall be torn in pieces! We will live forever and will never be a widow!”

Thus says The Lord: You are a widow already, very poor and desolate, a great number of starving people and very desolate, a perverse people who have made God in their own image.

Therefore, because you have eaten
Up My people and held My children captive,
So shall you eat the flesh of
Your own arm in your captivity!...

Every house of worship shall be torn down!
Every community devastated!...

Even as Shiloh![1]"

Excerpt from: Shiloh

7/16/06 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the Word of The Lord, all you insolent children, and give ear, all you desolate houses, for thus says The Lord to those who dwell within the churches of men: Shall you come and stand before Me in your temples made by human hands, and say you are delivered, then go in that selfsame hour and pollute My name by all you say and do?! Desecration! Blasphemy!
How dare you kneel before Me in repentance, as a show before your brethren, adorning yourselves with pretense! You are not delivered! Your offerings are not accepted, neither will I hear your pleas. For you have surely taken the name of The Lord in vain! For not one of you strives to make your repentance full, nor are you willing to forgive all who have sinned against you. Thus your repentance has become unrepentance, and your words wind.

Behold, you quote My Word
Instant in and out of season,
Yet not one of you obeys My Word!...

As a wife who ceases not from committing
Adultery, you continue to defile My name
By your corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions,
Even to the embracing of all these
Holidays of men, which I hate!...

For they do remain atop your marred heads...

Says The Lord.

Churches of men, know you not, to worship anything or anyone other than The Father through The Son is false worship?! Know you not, to love any image or material possession more than Me is idol worship?! And to uphold any tradition which stems from idolatry is idolatry?! YOU WORSHIP YOURSELVES!
Churches of men, know you not, to speak of Me falsely or to call on My name in unbelief or for a pretense, or to associate My name or The Messiah’s with any doctrine or tradition which I have not decreed, is to take the name of The Lord in vain?! DESECRATION! ANTICHRIST!
Churches of men, know you not, the seventh day of the week is the day you shall remember and keep holy, and do no works therein except that which is good and upholds the cause of the fatherless, the widow and the needy?! SUNDAY IS NOT THE SABBATH! SATURDAY YOU SHALL KEEP! For I do NOT change! Nor have I commanded any other day, neither has the thought entered My mind! How long shall you cleave to the harlot?! How long shall you walk in her ways?!
Churches of men, shall you continue to dishonor your father and mother, by all you say and do?! UNGRATEFUL HYPOCRITES! Shall you continue to commit murder?! For you hate the one who rebukes at the gate, and despise the one who speaks a message from God. Thus in the hating of your brother, you are all guilty of murder in your hearts! Behold, even some of you, who call of yourselves Christian, are in favor of capital punishment. Yet again I say to you, even to murder the murderer is murder! Worse still there are some among you, who are in favor of this so-called “right to choose”! THEY HAVE CHOSEN DEATH! THEY HAVE SURELY CONDEMNED THEMSELVES! And all who cast their lot with those who murder the innocent shall be left outside The City! I AM THE LORD.
Churches of men, shall you continue to commit adultery in your hearts without pause?! Know you not, to even look upon another with lust in your heart is adultery?! Behold, even every doctrine and tradition born of men is adultery against God! How long shall you rob Me and steal from your neighbor, for you do always bear false witness of Me, lying to your neighbor and to yourself! For I tell you the truth, you know neither Me nor My will, nor have you heard My voice at any time! And shall you continue, without ceasing, to covet that which you do not possess?! Be set apart from this world, and come out of the churches of men. Only then will you begin to see, only then shall you receive ears to hear.

O arrogant generation, how shall
I humble you that you may be saved?!...

For I tell you the truth, only those who are
Truly converted in their hearts shall be delivered;
Only those who have the Testimony of The Messiah
AND keep The Commandments shall escape...

Thus I have shaken the dust off the feet of
My messengers as a testament against you,
I have set apart My elect...

And of your houses,
See, I have left them to you desolate...

Says The Lord.

The Dust Has Been Shaken Off
The Feet of God’s Messengers
As a Testament Against You,
O Churches of Men

2/15/12 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord, to all those who dwell within these detestable walls; to all these who stand inside these undesirable gates, hear the Word of The Lord: Shall you trust in the works of your own hands, O sons of men? How long shall you be wise in your own eyes? For that which you have erected shall be your undoing, and that which you uphold shall surely collapse upon your own heads. For I have seen it! Says The Lord.
Yes, I have looked upon you, O perverse and most deceitful generation! I have seen the rebellion within your hearts and how your minds betray you, even each one his neighbor and every one his own close friend! Behold, I have peered deep into each temple, and upon every place of worship have My eyes been set. Thus I open My mouth to speak, and with a loud voice I declare your transgressions before the people.

Lo, I detest the sight of you, O churches of men,
And in bitterness I have spit you from My mouth!...

Behold, blasphemy is heard from every pulpit,
And perversion is laid upon every altar!...


For by your harlotries have you set the stage for the deceiver, while each one of you claps the hands and offers up praises to your soothsayers!... False prophets and teachers whose words seem oh so wise in your eyes, whose voices are smooth, soothing your itching ears... Prepared speeches, soft songs, lulling you to sleep as you rest comfortably in your padded chairs, slowly fading into all this darkness in which you are so easily ensnared, thick darkness from which you will not escape, says The Lord.
For you have surely polluted My name and desecrated My Commandments, putting The Holy One to an open shame, crucifying Him again and again in your hearts! Behold, He has altogether become as one dead in your eyes!... Yet I tell you the truth, I AM COME![2]

Behold, I am risen up out of My place, and I have
Come forth to punish the inhabitants of the earth,
To pour out judgment upon all those who
Cease not from doing evil in My sight!...


Behold, this generation is dead
In My eyes, I see no life in them!
For from this people I am far removed!...

Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord to the churches of men: Your cups are full of spoiled wine, yet oh how you love to sip from them. I hear you say, “The body of Christ” as you take and eat, yet not one of you truly receives of Him. Indeed, you stand in the midst of pools of water, immersing yourselves, yet you remain unclean. For I do not know you! Says The Lord.
Therefore depart from Me, all you workers of lawlessness, all you hard-hearted people who reject Me and My words and push out the hand against My rebuke! Depart from Me, all you blind guides who have failed to recognize Me! DEPART! For with you I am sorely displeased! Says The Lord God.

For you have allowed the pagan to enter in
And take his throne upon the altar, as the
Congregation gives ear to the deceiver,
Welcoming his every word!...

Behold, the churches of men have fallen!...
They are fallen!...

Even every one of them has forsaken Me!
All have went backward, and not forward!...

Each one refuses to obey, nor will they
Incline the ear, but follow the counsels and
Dictates of their own evil hearts!

Lo, with open palms they greedily receive false testimony, as they give ear to every false prophet and teacher who comes to them speaking lies and pleasant things, saying, “Peace, peace”... Yet there is no peace!

Therefore, thus says The Lord to this insolent people who dwell amongst the churches of men: You are dead, though you yet live. How long shall you commit adultery against your God?! How long shall you break My Commandments and ignore My every decree, one after another, then come and stand before Me, saying, “We are delivered to do all these things”?... You are not delivered!
Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun, for to this day My people say, “This is the temple of The Lord, the temple of The Lord, the temple of The Lord. Our God dwells here, and His spirit has come to rest upon us. Therefore we will honor Him with our rituals, and open our mouths in praise. For we are the true bride; yes, WE are His chosen people.”
Woe, I say to you, for you are all rebellious houses! - A most prideful and wayward generation, a multitude of deceived peoples! Your worship is in vain, it is not accepted! I take no pleasure at all in your offerings, for that which you offer up in My name is unclean!... Behold, all your rituals are like polluted fountains, yet you love to drink! Yea, your every tradition is like refuse spread out before My face, yet you revel in it! For you have not known Me, nor do you recognize My voice.

Thus you did not come out at My calling,
Nor are you able to pass through the gate...

For one who truly desires Me seeks Me out;
And one who is in love with Me obeys My
Commands and gives heed to My every decree...

Yet you prefer the voice of a hired man,
Having altogether forgotten the voice of your Shepherd.

Therefore, thus says The Lord: Again I tell you, I HAVE SEEN IT! And as I live, says The Lord, so also do I declare it through the pen of My prophets; lo, I have sworn it in the heat of My wrath, and will also do it!
Behold! I have purposed destruction upon all your abominable temples! I have declared calamity for all your grand houses, until all these riches are consumed!... Every building which stands so high and lofty, every whitewashed wall which conceals abomination, every upright pillar, every established column, all must come down, all must be broken in pieces! - Until only dust and ashes remain, until the foot of the high man can find no level ground upon which to stand and rest, until the hand of the proud finds no place to lean upon in his weariness.
For only then will they be separate, only then will they come out from among them, says The Lord. For I alone am The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, forever and ever. Amen... Therefore, let My name resound! Let it go forth to break off the branches and level the forests! Let it stir up the hurricane and devastate the coastlands! Let it bring forth the whirlwind against those far inland! Let the lightning strike down every wall and set every city on fire, in the name of The Lord!
Behold, the ground beneath your feet is unsteady, O mighty nations! Feel it tremble at the presence of The Lord, and watch in astonishment how it shrinks back at The Lord’s rebuke! For I shall thrust the rocks upward and pull apart the mountains! Blood and fire and pillars of smoke!
Therefore see The Word of The Lord, O peoples of the earth! Listen to the sound of My voice, and repent! Give Me glory! For there is a worship in which I am well pleased, yet you have not known it. Indeed, there is a praise in which I delight, yet from you I have not heard it. For you honor Me with your lips, yet your hearts remain far from Me.

Therefore, I have spit you
From My mouth, O churches of men!
I have vomited you out, O peoples of the earth!...

Until I have pursued My enemies and
Wounded them, until I have destroyed them,
That they should no more stand...

Until truth brings forth conviction
And humility is born of sincere repentance,
Until My people are broken without hand,
Until the whole world has fallen under My feet...

Until the hearts of My beloved cry out My name in truth
And no more pollute My name in their unjust cause...

Until My people are once again made whole...

Says The Lord.

From: Far Removed

10/21/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Now hear the Word of The Lord, those who say they are My people who are not My people; thus says The Lord: Behold, My name is forsaken among the generation of My wrath, for My children have forgotten Me days without end! Even My own people, who say falsely that they are My people, do lie, for they are NOT My people!
For My ways have become an abhorrence to them, nor will they obey My Commandments, and to My voice they refuse to listen! They are a people of deceits, a people of two faces, who run after every unclean thing! For they say, “As The Lord lives, we are delivered to do all these things.” Yet I shall surely deliver them to wrath! And as I live, says The Lord, they shall not escape the Day of My Anger! For they have polluted My name and desecrated the glory of The Holy One of Israel in the eyes of the people, taking that which is right and good and profaning it, as they continue to put Me to an open shame, to the confusion of many faces! Therefore I am against them!
Behold, I have set My face against them, even against all who blaspheme My name and corrupt My Word for their own gain! For they have profaned My holy things, and by their doings have they brought shame upon themselves! Thus I shall continue to rebuke them, for I am against their every word and deed! And when I discipline them, I SHALL NOT SPARE!
Behold, I am against you, O churches of men! For My ways have become an abhorrence to you! Yes, you proclaim it by all your filthy traditions, of which I hate, and by every corrupt doctrine you uphold do you set your faces against Me! Behold, by all you say and do is your rebellion put on open display, your uncleanness is clearly seen! Thus YOUR ways have become an abhorrence to ME! Says The Lord. Therefore, I shall surely correct you and bring upon you swift discipline, even recompense for all your evil deeds, in where you have caused My name to be blasphemed among the nations! For with a strong hand and a firm rebuke shall I turn you back from your ways, and recover you from your transgressions!

Behold, with many strong words and
A stretched out hand shall I abase you!...

As a mighty wind breaks off the branches and a
Swirling wind topples the tall trees, so shall the
Sound of My voice break you and the strength
Of My hand humble you in the Day of The Lord!...

With a great thrashing, this way and that,
Shall you be broken in pieces!...

Behold, the world shall be turned upside down
In My fury, and the nations shall fall on their side
Under the weight of My punishment! Says The Lord...

For I have surely declared it, and I also shall
Bring it to pass, even before the eyes of this
Arrogant and most wicked generation!...


For many have played the harlot, many have set themselves up as an authority among men, even to speak as though they were God, proclaiming the will of The Lord with many lofty and vain speeches. Yea, with a great multitude of words they speak as though I had sent them. Yes, they speak in My name, though NOT ONE OF THEM has heard My voice, nor did I send them! Therefore, I have numbered their speeches and remembered their every idle word, which I have accounted against them!
Yet My people are not at all ashamed of their offenses, nor will they give heed to My words which I have spoken to this generation, nor are they willing to turn from their sinful ways! For My people do continually transgress, and do always rebel against Me! Thus they are NOT My people! Says The Lord. Behold, in one accord they persecute My prophets and slander My messengers! Lo, they fight against Me, in their own names, saying, “We shall be justified in our actions, when The Lord comes to punish these messengers and repay these false prophets. For we hate the sound of their voices, and their words torment us without cause.”

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I am indeed come out to punish, I am indeed come down to repay, each one according to their words which they have spoken against Me and My messengers, each one according to their deeds which they have committed against Me and My prophets! For they provoke Me with their words, and by their deeds have they brought My anger to the full!
They have forsaken The Fountain of Living Waters and want no more to drink, neither will they swallow! They cast down righteousness to the earth and turn justice to wormwood! For they hate the one who brings The Lord’s Rebuke to the gate, and abhor the one who speaks a true message from God! Lo, they tread upon those who walk uprightly and shun those who obey The Lord’s Commands!
Behold, they stone their own brothers and injure their own sisters with their words! Therefore, they shall come to know Me in My bitterness! For I hate all their lavish houses, I detest all their sacred assemblies, nor do I savor their feasts! Their traditions are an abhorrence to Me, and their holidays I despise in My zeal! Thus when I stretch out My hand against them, and lift up My voice against their congregations, they shall fall; even they shall be the first among those who fall! Says The Lord. Tell Me then, by what means shall they rise again? For there shall be no place that is not made desolate, no place which is not consumed by plague and famine! There shall be no open place, for destruction and calamity shall overtake the whole land! Says The Lord.

Behold, what an obscene thing this is before My eyes! What a horrible sound has entered My ears! What a detestable sight is on display, amongst this people who are NOT My people! What an awful spewing is brought forth from this modern generation! MY NAME IS BLASPHEMED BECAUSE OF THEM! In all the world My name is despised and used as a cursing! It is treated like an abomination which offends, a thing to be cast off and forgotten, a name which shall not be mentioned!
Behold, even these among the churches of men have endeavored to make The Holy One of Israel in their own image, molding Him by deceitful hands, to their own hurt! - A molded idol, a graven image, which they have given a name to hide their guilt: DESECRATION; even the very name for which they are called: LAWLESSNESS. For they excuse sin in the name of The Holy One, and forsake My Commandments and My every decree in the name of The Messiah, The Righteous One!
They are a polluted people, rejected, until the time be changed! And according to that which their own hearts reveal shall I deal with them, for they testify against themselves! Says The Lord. For they have not known Me, neither do I see of Myself in them. Yes, by their hearts and by their doings they do always testify against themselves! For in their hearts, they say, “Look upon us; see how we have become righteous in our own eyes.” Even by all they say and do, they declare, “We have forsaken The Law of The Father, in the name of The Son; yes, He has made it possible for us to do so. And by His permission do we forsake His every statute and ignore His every decree, that we may pollute the name of The Living God without ceasing.”
Foolish children, diseased and awful generation, you are all captives, none of you are set free! Lo, you have signed the document of your own sentences, which shall be severe! Behold, you remain on the side of your own judgment, nodding your heads in agreement! Therefore, according to the number of your churches shall be your judgment, and according to the number of your adulteries shall be your punishment, O house of harlots, O daughters of fornication! And according to the words of your own mouths shall be the severity, and according to THIS Word, which you have rejected, shall be the length of your refinement. Behold, I shall not spare the rod, nor shall the strength of My arm be held back in My discipline!

Therefore, thus says The Lord against every foul tree which bears rotten fruit, enticing My people to eat, that they might stretch out their hand in rebellion against The Lord: Behold, you have joined yourselves to another, and in his ways you have chosen to walk; yes, you have all become the children of your father, the devil! Thus all you keep hidden and surmise in the dark shall be put on open display, for the Day shall surely declare it! And all you have built shall crumble, all your works shall burn, and with a great crash shall you be cut down! Says The Lord in His indignation.
My beloved children, why do you rend the heart of God?! For you have surely torn the heart of My flesh, by which I have loved you beyond compare! For you have dealt with Me deceitfully, and by treachery you have led My children astray! And for what price? For what gain?!

Thus says The Lord: YOU HAVE SLANDERED ME! And have brought against My messengers and My servants, the prophets, which I Myself have sent to you, many evil and false accusations; behold, you accuse your brethren day and night! For I have looked upon the fury of your hearts by which you are enslaved, I have beheld your bitter ignorance and all your perverse thoughts and desires, and I have seen your arrogance, how it overflows your pride-ridden hearts!
Yes, I have looked upon you, O churches of men, all you “Christians” who fight against Me, going out and coming in, seeking always new ways to stone My prophets and persecute My servants, the elect! I have seen that which dwells within you, and oh what a sight I have seen, what an obscene thing this is before My face! - DEMONS going out and coming in! DEMONS finding sanctuary in the churches of men! Shall I not tear down?! Shall I not repay?! Shall I not destroy every polluted sanctuary and overthrow every city which stands proud against Me?!
Lo, My heart is very heavy over all these people called by the name of The Anointed One, yet they do not cease from arousing Me to anger! They are drunken, their own bitter wine has inflamed them! Behold, they are eager to do that which I have said they shall not do; yes, they love to indulge in that which is against Me! For they run to their houses, which are falsely called by My name, to hear every speaker which comes in by treachery, speaking to them in their own names! They run and sit down and cup their ears to listen, that they might hear just one tittle to justify their evil deeds, to soothe their itching ears, so they may continue to dwell gladly in their transgressions, as they seek to coax others into their rebellion!
BEHOLD, I AM AGAINST THEM! I am against any man or woman who seeks to uplift their own name, saying, “The Lord has sent me,” and, “It is The Lord’s will, it is the will of The Lord; hear what The Lord wills for us.” I am against all who place stumbling blocks before the feet of My people in My name, twisting My words to perpetuate persecution toward My servants and My messengers! Behold, those who wish ill upon MY bride shall be left in astonishment, left all alone in their turmoil! They shall be bowed down, with their backs bent, crying out, “When did I become a harlot? When did I become estranged from my Husband? How is it I am now come into all this punishment? Am I not a queen, having done that which is right? For I have defended the name of The Lord and His Word, and received much gain; look at all these on my part. Yet here I sit in ruin, in a puddle of My own tears... O Lord, why have you forsaken Me? Why does death now stalk me as the prey?”

My name is YAHUWAH!
Yet you children in the churches have not known Me;
Indeed you have forsaken Me, days without end!...

Behold, My name is JUDGMENT and WRATH!
Yet you children of disobedience do not fear Me!...

Yet you who were to be My bride refuse Me,
Neither have you kissed Me upon My cheek!

And if you are My bride, why have you not given yourself to Me and taken My name, proclaiming you are Mine in joyful expectation? Yet you are ashamed of Me and refuse to look upon My face. For as I am so shall I be, and this is not at all to your liking. For you prefer the face of your molded image, and have fallen in love with your graven images. Thus you are estranged from your God, far removed! Therefore, the face of your Husband is turned from you, for you have not ceased from playing the harlot with many lovers! Even with many tears He has shut the door to you, until the time be changed.

Return to Me, My children! Come to Me in the Day and cool My tears! For My heart is burdened because of you, My countenance has fallen on your account! Tears run down My cheeks and fall heavily upon the earth, a most bitter lamentation! For I, even I have loved you! Says The Lord.
Cry out therefore, and I shall send to you My beacons; behold, by their hand have I called to you many times already. Yes, these are the very same over which your hearts have waxed gross, the very same by which you shall receive these words anew, even the Word of My mouth. For I am not without mercy.
And though of your houses I shall make a full end, I shall not make a full end of you. And though I break you, and you lie down in death for My name’s sake, I will not forsake you utterly as the wicked. For they shall go into perpetual darkness, a void of lifeless nothingness, forever. No, I will not leave you to the worms who devour, nor allow your flesh to rot, nor shall any man tread upon your corpses. Behold, I shall gather you to Myself, and you shall wail upon My bosom, with many tears, until your soul runs dry and you are healed.
And never again shall you walk in the ways of the world and men, nor in evil, to your own hurt. From Me you shall never again depart, and in MY life you shall walk all of your days, until time has lost all meaning, even forever and ever, singing songs to the praise of My glory. And you shall be My joy, says The Lord who made you, even He who purchased you in My own blood. For as The Son is one with The Father, and The Father with The Son, so shall you be one in Him and Him in you, forever. Thus as it is written, so shall it be: I will dwell in them and walk among them. I will be their God, and they shall be My people. Amen.

Therefore this Trumpet, which is
Of these seven and is also the seventh,
Shall be blown loudly until the time...

Then all must grow quiet at My command,
Making way for the next to sound...


Excerpt from:
The Last Trumpet before The Time

10/7/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Yet many refuse My voice, and will not listen to the sound of this Trumpet. For they plug their ears and hide their faces; they ignore My call and loathe My messengers! - Obstinate children who endeavor to grab hold of My robes with one hand, while pushing Me away with the other!
For I reach down to them, with both hands I bend down to embrace them, yet they want no part with Me as I truly am! Behold, I have offered them bread from My own table, manna from Heaven has been sent down to them, and how do they repay Me?! - WITH EVIL! Stomping upon My bread, refusing all manna provided them!
Yea, they loathe My correction and break My Commandments, DOING SO IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY ONE! Yes, in MY OWN NAME they do these things! By permission they claim they are free to do all these things! By permission, UNDER GRACE, they excuse themselves, that they might do all this evil in My name!... LAWLESS PEOPLE, PERVERSE AND DEGENERATE GENERATION! Your so-called faith is a loathsome sore upon the skin, a canker upon the lips of all who sing Me praises in your courts! Thus I declare to you, I NEVER KNEW YOU! Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Shall you provoke Me to anger?! Shall you forsake The Moral Law, in the name of grace and Him crucified, that you might provoke Me to anger?! I tell you the truth, you know nothing of grace, and the true nature of The Holy One is hidden from your eyes! For your knowledge is useless! Your learned leaders desecrate My name and pollute the minds of My people everyday!
And when they heard of My anger, they did not repent, neither were they ashamed, nor did they know how to blush! And when I commanded this Trumpet be blown, did they perk up their ears to listen?! Did they come close to know the heart of the matter?! NO! Instead they mocked and refused to give heed, turning their backs on The Holy One of Israel!

Therefore, thus declares The Lord to this
Most foolish and perverse generation:



Says The Lord God."


"Thus says The Lord: And what of you, O churches of men? What has happened to you?! WHY HAVE YOU ALSO FORSAKEN ME?! How is it you have altogether become like the heathen, with the vanity of the world gleaming in your eyes, with the lusts thereof filling your hearts and minds?! I DO NOT KNOW YOU! Your self-created god is an abomination to Me, and this “Jesus” you speak of is foreign to Me, a great desecration of My image, an affront to My name and My glory!
My people, look! Look at all these material things you have acquired! Look upon all these idols you serve! You are surrounded on every side, you are boxed in with no escape!... Therefore I am come down to destroy all these detestable things! Therefore I am come to wipe them from the face of the earth! For the multitude of all these idols must I destroy the kingdoms of men!
O foolish and captive children, I am The Only God, your Creator, your Fashioner, The Maker of all things, The God who formed you by His own hands... I gave you breath!... And still you bring unwarranted charges against Me and think My ways unfair!
Shall you continue to persecute those sent to you, provoking Me to anger?! I tire of all your accusations, your unending presumptuous ways weary Me! I can no longer bear to look upon all your lies and falsehoods!
For your heresies have grown unimpeded, filling your unjust courts, which I hate!... O abominable vine, how long shall you grow contrary to the Way I have established?! How long shall you oppose My Word and pollute My name, by upholding your own way?! I AM THE LORD!
My children, the judgment of your hearts is unjust and very foolish, for you have sought to draw charges against The Great I AM! Thus these courts in which you seek to weigh Me are unfair, and shall be your undoing! For your weights are deceitful, and your arrogant hearts corrupt!
Shall you attempt to persecute The Lord your God?! Oh yes, you have persecuted Me days without end! For you have loathed My messengers and spit upon My servants! You have slandered My bride and lifted up your heel against My elect!
Shall I not then bring charges against YOU, even against you, O churches of men?! Shall I not judge your courts, and recompense your deeds upon your own heads?! Shall I not correct My people, and bring upon them swift discipline?! Shall I not rain down judgment and pour out justice upon this wicked generation?!... Lo, the decree has went forth, the sentence has been declared, and behold, I shall institute the punishment without delay! For you have all dealt unjustly with Me! Says The Lord God."


"Yet My people remain foolish. For they think themselves wise in their own eyes, and in their arrogance they rest upon their own doctrine while embracing every tradition I hate. Look how they love their idols and prize their great statues! They seek renown from among their own, that they might receive praise from men. And oh how they love their churches, and revere this false image in which they have recreated Me.
Brood of vipers, congregations of sly and deceitful snakes, all you soothsayers and smooth-talkers who lull My people to sleep and seduce My children to commit fornication with the harlot, with your speech you woo My people to follow you into death! Your counsel brings them down to the pit! You provide My people with security in false hope, and put forth divinations of peace and safety, preaching prosperity in monologues of false praise and fake passion, abusing My name and misusing My Word, twisting it to uphold your own corrupt foundation, all in the name of unrighteous gain!... SHALL I NOT REPAY?! SHALL NOT MY DISCIPLINE BE MOST SEVERE?! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Churches of men, have you taken no thought to My judgments? How is it you have ignored My every admonition, admonitions which you were to ponder on your beds at night and dwell upon while gazing at your reflection in the morning?
Lo, I have whispered to you in a still small voice, yet you had no ears to hear. I have written to you by the pen of My prophets, yet you refused to see. I have shouted to you by the mouth of My messengers, yet you would not give heed. Rather you think Me evil, and My speech contemptible!
Yet in My love I spoke to you, and in My mercy I have warned you. And behold, many of My servants were pricked in their hearts and have confronted these men in authority. Yes, they have pointed the finger at all these perverse doctrines and are unsettled by all these detestable traditions, for they are The Called Out. Yes, My servants are unsettled and have come out, for I have pricked them in their hearts to the cause of the great division. For I, Myself, have brought this sword.

Therefore, let the uproar ensue!
For the name of God has been polluted and
The sanctity of My Word corrupted, for evil gain!
The churches of men are unclean!...

Therefore must My people come out from among them,
That I may break apart all these false foundations,
That I may bring down all these
High walls and towering steeples...





Behold, a great battle cry is heard! The voices of My watchmen are lifted up against their own people, for the enemy dwells within the gates! My witnesses fight in the name of righteousness, yet those within the gate will not give heed! They refuse to come out of their sanctuaries, they will not depart from their man-made temples! - WICKED AND SLOTHFUL SERVANTS!
They know not which master they serve, yet I tell you, they serve satan, and by their rebellion have they declared their allegiance! For they have hated Me and My Sabbaths! And of My Book, they see it only as a lever by which they may move the people to conform to their will, perverting My Word in Scripture!
For the love of money they seek always to expand their churches, increasing their storehouses of wealth and building up their riches, by authority IN MY NAME! Shall I not repay?! Shall I not set all these crooked paths straight?! For the heart of this people is corrupt; they remain lost in their own deceptions! THUS THEY HAVE INDEED PROVOKED ME TO ANGER!
Therefore, as it is written: I shall make My words in the mouths of My prophets fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them! For the people treat My words with contempt, and do not cease from crying, “False! False!” Behold, they liken My prophets to predators, and speak of My messengers as though they were brute beasts risen up from the past, as snakes rearing their heads across the ages.
Therefore, My servants shall indeed bite them! As the adder they shall rear their heads and strike! Like the fangs of a venomous snake shall their words pierce and flow into the veins! And with the strength of a brute beast shall My servants pass through the midst of them. And not one shall have strength enough to withstand them or prevent them, by any means.
For I am great in power, and nothing in all creation is able to restrain Me! Nor shall any prevent My Word from speaking, when I pour out My fury upon the desolate! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Behold, My own people flee from the Word of My mouth; look how they run from My every proclamation! I can not speak to them, for they do always resist Me, nor do they seek Me in truth! Lo, they fight against Me by their every word and deed! THEY DO NOT KNOW ME!
For the sake of pretense, they draw near to Me with their mouths and honor Me with their lips, yet their hearts are far from Me! I AM EXCEEDINGLY REMOVED! They do not think about Me, nor do I dwell in their thoughts; I am purged from their consciences!
They have not pondered My Law as David, nor have they mourned like Daniel. They have turned from Me, and the Way of The Lord they have not known, adding to and taking away from My Commandments, ignoring My every decree.
Thus I have opened My mouth in correction and raised My voice in strong rebuke. Yet they cast off My words spoken to this generation, and want no part with Me as I truly am. Behold, I have become as a foreigner to them, of a tongue which they do not understand! INDEED, THEY REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND!
Yet in My mercy I have spoken to them in their own language, with brevity, using few figures of speech, that they might repent and return to Me, and walk again in the first works while not at all ignoring the latter, that they might heed My voice and come out. Yet they will not give heed, nor will they come out; they will not repent. Indeed they refuse to return, nor will they walk in the Way of The Lord. For when I speak, they think Me too harsh, claiming My words to be overtones of a forgotten past.
They refuse My teaching, saying it is too hard and does not fit with their established doctrine. Indeed, they despise My food and will not eat from My plate, and want nothing to do with My table... REGURGITATED FOOD IS THEIR DELIGHT, AND DISEASED DOCTRINE THE ONLY ACCEPTED PLATE! For they have grown accustomed to their own filthy table!

Behold, their forefathers call out to them
From the grave; their wicked cause continues!
In the faces of their descendants it is clearly seen,
And upon their lips the blasphemy of their
Forefathers is clearly heard, even to this day!...

And so they persecute Me in their deceitful courts,
And place Me on trial because of My words!...

Lo, they deny The Truth and put
The Author of Life to an open shame!...

Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: How long shall this perverse and arrogant people weigh Me in the balances with preweighted scales, holding Me up against their own corrupt doctrine, placing Me opposite deceitful weights?!
To this day I am treated as a criminal, I am spit upon everyday, BEATEN AND SCOURGED BY MY OWN PEOPLE! How many times shall you crucify Me?! HOW LONG SHALL YOU PIERCE YOUR KING, O CHURCHES OF MEN?!
For no man of God is pleasant in their sight, no messenger is accepted unless they deal wickedly, unless they speak to them lies and pleasant things! Unless they prophesy to them deceits, they will not be accepted, nor will they listen!
Have I not spoken the Truth to them, that they may know it? Have I not sung to them, that they may learn the melody of My song? Have I not sent many servants to help them, to lead them from their self-imprisonment? For as it is written: I have stretched out My hands all day long to a rebellious people who walk in a way that is not good, according to their own thoughts, a people who continually provoke Me to anger to My face.
Yet I have sent down both the early and latter rain in due season, to a desolate people who are in dire thirst, that I might cool their tongues, a people who walk through very dry places, seeking always to hide themselves from the heat of the noonday sun. Yet they will not drink, nor are they hidden, for their sins remain uncovered.

Behold, I poured out My life for them
In fountains of living waters,
For My love runs deep...

Yet they forsake Me still...

Therefore, the Great and Dreadful Day
Of The Lord is declared, the days
Of martyrdom set, the day in which
The court of God shall be cleansed...

And the hearts of many shall be remade,
Established anew in the blood of The Lamb,
Even the remnant whom The Lord shall call.

Therefore, again I say to you, test your hearts by the line which is true, by the line which I have given you. No longer tempt The Lord your God, nor claim My ways unfair or My judgments unjust. Am I unfair? Is The Lord your God unjust? Or are your hearts so corrupt, that you can no longer discern your right hand from your left?
Are your heads so covered with blackness, that your eyes can no longer penetrate this darkness which surrounds you? For I tell you the truth, you have blocked My way before Me by your traditions, and have covered My righteousness with filthy rags of doctrine! Behold, I am hidden from your eyes!
Therefore give answer, O churches of men, where am I found? Do I stand upon your pulpits? Am I seen only in your images of stained glass? Am I bent down and overlain with a cloth, which you call the altar? Am I a god found only in your rituals? Am I a god of religious sacraments to you?... OR AM I GOD, THE GOD?!... He who defends the cause of the fatherless and the orphan! He who commands His people to provide shelter for the homeless and to uphold the cause of the needy, the aged and the widow! Do I not uphold the scales of truth, weighing all in the balances?! Am I not the discerner of the heart and of the mind, He who knows the innermost thoughts and intentions?! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Behold, the heart of this people is waxed gross! For they say, “The Lord is our God!” Yet they forsake My Sabbaths and take no pleasure in My Commandments, choosing rather to walk in their own way!... I AM NOT THEIR GOD!
For they desire a god without authority, a god who does not see, lest I look upon them and judge them too harshly. For My ways are not sufficient for them, nor will they abandon their sin. They are unwilling to leave behind all they have built up in their vanity, and return to Me. Thus their arrogance remains uplifted, and their pride securely enthroned beneath them, says The Lord."


Section Two

7/8/05 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord concerning those who have ears yet refuse to hear, who have eyes yet refuse to see: Only those with hearts left desolate are filled with contempt. For they have not received the love of the Truth,[3] nor do they accept Me as I truly am. Rather they hide behind corrupt doctrine and filthy tradition, covering themselves with pretense, in an attempt to shield themselves from My correction. With practiced speech and a lying tongue they twist the Scriptures, behold, they rend the Word of God,[4] for the sake of their own pride. For they do not know Me, neither do I live in them. Thus they willingly believe the lies, and seek always to uphold the commandments of men, as they slander those sent to them.

Therefore thus says The Lord, to those who dwell in the churches of men and to all their self-appointed leaders: Why do you not receive Me?! Indeed you are unable, for you do always push out the hand! Behold, I send to you a mere man, that you might receive of My correction, yet you say he has a demon! You do always fight against Me!
Behold, this Word is Truth, the very will of The Father made known, the Word of The Lord put forth through His prophets once again. Yet you cry, “False!” because you find they run contrary to your preconceived notions and beliefs, as though you and your established doctrine were somehow above reproach; all the while setting up walls of falsehood, laying down traps of deceit to bar My way before Me, seeking always to fortify your position, lest I expose your masquerade.
O people of little faith, you are deceived; you have all been turned aside from the Truth! Churches of men, your doctrines are corrupt, your every tradition unclean, born of men and the harlot! She has deceived you, and yet you willingly walk in her ways! Throughout her generations she has deceived the people; in her lust for power she has oppressed them, forcing multitudes to embrace the crooked path! She is a harlot, her ways antichrist, and yet you follow her! Behold, by her own power and authority, of which she appointed to herself, she endeavored to change My Commandments! Yet you nod your head in agreement, yes, you obey her teachings as you forsake My Sabbaths, upholding many of the same false doctrines and perverse traditions I hate!

Therefore, O churches of men, your discipline
Shall be severe and your abasement terrible!...

And you, O church of harlots, shall be
Stripped naked and brought to ruin!
Behold, you shall be torn in pieces and left
Utterly desolate, to the astonishment of all people!...

For I do not change! Says The Lord.[5][6]

So then listen closely and give ear, all you who call of yourselves Christian, all you who stone My prophets and slander those sent to you, all you who abuse My Word in Scripture and desecrate My Sabbaths; hear the Word of The Lord and give heed, be bowed down, for the mouth of The Living God has spoken: ALL YOU SOW, YOU SHALL REAP![7] Repent, therefore! Again I say, repent, lest you also catch fire as you watch all your works burn in the Day![8] For My anger is kindled against you, O churches of men! And My wrath grows in its fury, against ALL who lead My people astray!

Therefore call upon My name, in sincerity and in truth!...

Beloved ones, embrace Me as I am,
And not as you would have Me be!
Obey MY teaching and turn away
From the commandments of men!...[9]

For I, alone, am The Way and The Truth,
The Life without end...[10][11]

Says The Lord YahuShua.

All Shall Reap That Which They Have Sown,
Be It of Good or Evil

7/16/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: The error of the churches is great! Behold, their every tradition has come up before Me as an awful stench in My nostrils, and their every doctrine assaults My ears with a terrible sound! For they have taken the things of God and corrupted them for evil gain! - Prepared speeches, lawless sermons, heresies against God and The Way!
By clever words and false hope built upon the promise of riches, they lead My people astray. Behold, they corrupt their own congregations by flattery, and because of covetousness the people are easily swayed... Oh the vanity and pride of men, who do continually seek after vain glory, saying within themselves, “Look at all I have done. See how I have come to speak for The Most High. See how I have become like Him!”[12]

Therefore, thus says The Lord: ALL self-appointed apostles, prophets, and preachers shall be brought to utter ruin! And lo, destruction comes swiftly, a weight which you have brought upon your own heads! For I am coming quickly in judgment, I am coming down with great recompense, and I shall surely repay! Behold, I shall strike you down, and you shall collapse where you stand; even as that which you have built up in your greed, for the sake of your own glory, falls with a great crash![13]
Shall one become a prophet by human means?! Is the voice of The Almighty something that can be claimed?! Can the gifts of My spirit be attained by human power, and am I now made subject to the wiles of men?! You have all prophesied lies before Me, you speak that which is born from the deceit of your own hearts! - A very foolish endeavor, a vain thing, a fatal error! For you have taken the things of God in hand, and twisted them, for your own gain![14]

Shall you attempt to steal from My glory, and then parade
Yourself before the people as though you were sent by God?!...


Shut your mouths and be quiet, open not your mouths
And speak no more in My name, lest I tear you
In pieces and there be none to deliver![15]
For I tell you the truth, My judgment is not idle
And your destruction does not sleep!...

Therefore fall hard upon your faces, AND REPENT,
And I may yet have mercy upon you! Says The Lord God.

For I have beheld your form, yes, I have looked upon your visage, and I have seen your fine clothes and all your luxuriously-crafted apparel, all these expensive ornaments with which you adorn yourselves. I know all your delusions of grandeur, and how you lead My people astray by false divinations, brought forth from your own corrupted hearts. Therefore your portraits shall be broken, your church buildings shall be thrown down, and your every pulpit swept away, in the day I strip you naked and leave you desolate! Says The Lord.

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, all you who call of yourselves Christian, for thus declares The Lord: No prophet or man of God, of whom I have chosen and sent, shall by any means receive payment for his services, nor shall he accept a gift; no man shall profit from My Word! Freely he has received, freely he shall give. Nor shall he allow any form of praise or glory to be added to his account; rather, he shall correct them sharply. I AM THE LORD.
Thus all you teachers, pastors, preachers, ministers and priests, who receive tithes and welcome praise from the people, shall be held accountable; behold, it shall be required of you in the Day. Shall you take profit for that which I have offered as a free gift? Shall you raise yourselves up by false glory, and abuse My Word for selfish gain? Yes, there is indeed profit in it, according to the wealth of grace and salvation which abounds in love, granting an abundance of eternal wealth, which is life in My presence and My joy forevermore, for all those who receive My Word and also walk in it. Yet those who use My Word to profit by monetary means shall be cast out and shall remain in the valley, walking through thick darkness until death comes to claim them, says The Lord.

Therefore, let it be stated and set forth this day in the hearing of the people, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for it shall be done and come to pass as I have spoken it, even as I proclaim it now: No man in authority, whether a self-appointed apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, preacher, minister or priest, as they are called among men, who also forsake The Moral Law in the name of The Messiah, to make Him the author of sin, shall escape the Day of The Lord! For the saints of The Most High are those who keep My Commandments and remember My Sabbaths, and carry The Messiah within them, even unto pure testimony in His name, in word and by deed.[16]
Again, I tell you, no leader amongst the churches of men who forsakes the Sabbath, of which I Myself had sanctified from the beginning,[17] which is and has always been and shall always be the seventh day,[18] shall escape the Day of The Lord! And no leader amongst the churches who embraces all these holidays of men, which I hate, shall by any means escape the Day of The Lord! Remember My Holy Days, for in them shall you begin to know the mind of God and the glory of My salvation in Messiah. And NO leader amongst the churches of men, who teaches the doctrine of hell and eternal torment,[19] shall by any means be gathered! Neither shall any who embrace this teaching escape! For I do not know them, neither do I abide in them. And NOT ONE who comes speaking against this Word or My messengers, to stone them in word and by deed, to slander them, to spit upon them, to strike them down, or to bring even one railing accusation against them, whether it be in open or in secret, shall by any means escape the Day of The Lord’s Fury! For I tell you the truth, neither age nor gender shall deliver them. For The Lord your God is no respecter of persons;[20] I know your hearts! For as I am, says The Lord, so shall I be. And as I have always done, so shall I perform it again, even amongst this modern generation of perverse and deceitful peoples.
For indeed, the fear of YAHUWAH is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of The Holy One is understanding.[21] Therefore abide in Him, and you have Me also. Yet abide in the world, and you shall also reap the world’s reward: Judgment and punishment in the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord. Therefore, My children, unless you call upon the name of The Messiah in truth, with sincere remorse in your hearts, as one broken atop The Stone,[22] you shall by no means escape.

Again I say to you, REPENT, and run to your Savior in truth!
Embrace Him as He truly is, and not as you would have Him be!...

Flee all these churches of men, turn your backs on all their
Self-appointed apostles, prophets and preachers, and run!...

Run to YahuShua, whom you call Christ and Jesus!
For He alone is your hope and your shield,[23] your only escape...

Says The Lord.

Thus Says The Lord to the Churches of Men,
And to All Their Self-Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Preachers

8/19/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Thus says The Lord God: Beloved children, I am calling you out. From the midst of your countrymen, from the midst of your peers and kindred, even from the midst of all these churches of men, I am calling you out, that you may be separate, that you may be set apart in truth, a lowly people who wait upon The Lord with joy and trembling.


"Yet the churches of men forsake My Commandments, and do not honor My Holy Days. Thus those who forsake My Sabbaths have revealed who is first; let them walk through the valley! Says The Lord."


"Yet My beloved are held captive and seek not the way of escape. Indeed, those within the churches of men say, “We are delivered!” Yet they are NOT delivered! For they have no knowledge, nor will they receive correction; they cleave to a false way and worship a graven image. They are battered and they are bruised, yet they do not come to Me that I may heal them!
Behold, they are like the swift dromedary, who runs to and fro in the desert. Who can control her when she is in heat? Indeed My people appear docile, yet they can not be tamed, neither will they sit still! For My children are stubborn and will not lay down; they refuse to be broken! They are strangers, yes, they are strangers and go after them! They love the voice of strangers and embrace strange doctrine! They cleave to foreign traditions and practice abomination in MY name! For they have not known Me! Says The Lord."

Excerpts from: I Am Calling You Out! (Part 1)

10/7/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the Word of The Lord; thus says The Lord: Prepare your hearts, My people, yea cup your ears and listen, all you who call of yourselves Christian. Pay close attention and heed My words, for it is I, your Redeemer, who speaks. And behold, I shall indeed open My mouth once again, and the sound of the final trumpet before the time shall be heard; the line set, the division established, the last of My bride called forth, says The Lord.
Yet what of all these who have not given heed to the sound of My voice, who do always turn away from My commands? What of all these who stiffen their necks and refuse to come out of the churches of men, people who hold fast in their pride, arrogant assemblies who have altogether forsaken The Lord their God? THEY SHALL SURELY DIE! Yet all those who call upon the name of The Lord in that day, in truth, with sincere remorse, shall be delivered, yet so as through fire. For I tell you the truth, there is indeed a death of a man unto death, and a death of a man unto life. Yet he who willingly forsakes his life in this world, for My sake, has already passed from judgment into life.
Therefore I, even I, The Lord God of Heaven and Earth, am calling you out! I am calling you to come out from amongst them and to be separate; that you no longer be given to the fornications of the churches of men, nor be caught up in the filth of the pagan; that you cease from committing adultery with all these strange men of unclean lips, who dwell amongst a people of unclean lips, who cease not from polluting My name and My glory! Yet you will not come out, nor will you abandon this other way you have chosen! For you do always hold out the hand against the cleansing of The Spirit, you do always reject the Word of The Lord!

Therefore, because you have a harlot’s forehead and refuse to be ashamed, and because you have altogether hardened your hearts against Me, hear the Word of My mouth and consider the indignation of The Lord: I AM AGAINST YOU, O CHURCHES OF MEN! YES, EVEN I AM AGAINST YOU! I am against your leaders and your elders! I am against your congregations and your guest speakers! I am against your corrupt doctrines and your perverse traditions! I AM AGAINST YOU! Says The Lord. And of your forefathers, they shall surely answer for their subrogation of Me and My Word in the day they are called forth from the pit, when they stand up in their graves to give an account of their every word and deed which they performed in My name, to pollute it!
Yet upon this generation, who say, “We are wide awake. Our eyes see, our ears hear, and our mouths speak the only truth,” I have already brought forth and purposed ruin. Yes, upon this generation and upon the churches of men, I have purposed great ruin! I have prepared destruction, and shall bring forth calamity upon all these houses which bear My name without permission! For I shall strip away every roof under which you have endeavored to take sanctuary, and break down every wall behind which you attempted to fortify your position! For you have surely rebelled against Me, desecrating the truth of who I am, all for the sake of your unjust cause! Behold, My judgment is declared already, and shall come, and on a day you do not expect and at an hour you did not look for, disaster shall break out suddenly against you! Behold, it shall overtake you in a moment, and in the twinkling of an eye the multitudes shall be undone! Says The Lord.

Therefore, thus says The Lord: Churches of men, remove yourselves from My throne! Stop recreating Me in your own image! Draw back your hand from this other “Jesus” you uphold! LET EVERY GRAVEN IMAGE FALL! LET EVERY IDOL SHATTER IN PIECES! Or did you think My eyes were shut to your transgressions? Did you think I would not see it?! And did you think I had turned away My ear from listening, and would not hear it?!
FOR YOU HAVE SURELY SINNED AGAINST ME, O CHURCHES OF MEN! Therefore, I shall purge you and stir you up, I shall discipline you and wear you out! From the least of these houses to the greatest, I shall shake your every foundation, until every pillar which you have erected in your arrogance, to bring glory to your vanity, crumbles and comes crashing down, breaking in pieces before your eyes!
FOR I AM THE LORD, AND I WILL NOT SHARE MY GLORY! Therefore let no man speak in the name of The Lord, unless I Myself have sent him! Unless I Myself have appointed him to speak, let him be quiet and open not his mouth! Lie not to yourselves, O pastors and preachers and leaders among men, for I know who I have sent and who I am sending! Lie not to yourselves, nor let any congregation attempt to place My name upon their blasphemies, as a cover to hide their adulteries, as they put The Holy One of Israel to an open shame! For I am The Lord, yes, I am He, AND I HAVE SEEN IT!
For you have surely betrayed Me, O churches of men! You have altogether become as one who has committed treason! You are no bride; neither is there a woman of virtue among you! Behold, you are all harlots, daughters of fornication, women who demand payment for their services, heavy-laden women filled with iniquity, prisoners held captive by their own corrupt doctrines, chained by their own filthy traditions! - Doctrines and traditions at which the pagans laugh, jeering and laughing on account of that which you have borrowed from them, mixing the holy with the unholy, the clean with the unclean, and that which is to be held in great reverence with that which is contemptible, doctrines and traditions which I hate!


Thus all you have built up for yourselves, of yourselves,
To your own glory, has become meet for disaster,
Destruction which comes quickly!...

For The Lord your God has spoken it, and so shall it be!...


Behold, even I shall speak it plainly once again, so you may escape: Sons and daughters of men, come out of the churches and be joined unto Me! For I am your only sanctuary, says The Lord. Yes I, your Redeemer, am calling you to come out of the churches of men, to be separate, and to no more worship Me in that way! - To no more touch the unclean thing! To no more let hypocrisy enter your ears! To no more sit in the company of those who pollute My name and lean upon their own understanding, who trust in their own righteousness as they sit upon self-made thrones of pride, a perverse and high-minded people who rest upon their own laurels by which they highly esteem themselves, seeking always the praise and glory of men.
MY PEOPLE, COME OUT FROM AMONGST THEM! Run from all these who reject this Word and push out the hand against My messengers, who hold fast to all these doctrines of men, which I hate! Depart quickly from all these rebellious houses, who refuse correction and shut their eyes to truth! For they do always stop their ears from hearing the voice of The Lord their God, choosing rather to persecute and slander those I have sent to them! Behold, I have become as an idol to them, which they have formed in their own image! DESECRATION! GREAT BLASPHEMY!
Therefore, because you have made for yourselves idols, many graven images, and because you have committed adultery as a wayward harlot, allowing men with suave tongues and clever lips to have their way with you, to be lords over you, men in authority who do always fight against Me in word and by deed, even to the persecuting of My messengers... Therefore, thus says The Lord: As you have become, and according to that for which you stand, so shall you be treated.

Churches of men, you do continually crucify Me by all you say and do! Again and again, you put The Author of Life to an open shame, marring My image by your detestable doctrines, spitting upon Me by all your contemptible traditions, molding Me and shaping Me according to the dictates of your own evil hearts!
Satan has deceived you and to his desires have you given heed, his lies have you propagated! He has never been on the side of truth, because there is no truth in him! Indeed, he is the father of all lies, and you have welcomed him in! Thus this generation does always disobey the voice of The Lord their God, nor will they receive of His correction! Truth has altogether perished among them; behold, it has been cut off from their mouths!
Churches of men, shall you forsake The Commandments of God by permission in MY name, then turn to your brother and say, “We are delivered to do all these things,” making Me the author of your sins?! TOUCH NOT THE COMMANDMENT! DRAW BACK YOUR HAND FROM DESECRATING THE HOLY LAW! For that written by the finger of God was etched in everlasting stone and forged with eternal fire! Therefore woe to any man who attempts to alter the writing thereof, or render The Law of no effect! For death waits at the door, and the mouth of sheol is wide open, ready to receive him!

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I HAVE BROUGHT CHARGES AGAINST YOU, O CHURCHES OF MEN! And My judgment shall be swift, your discipline severe, and you shall all be broken in the day of your ruin! Indeed, judgment must begin at the temple of God, of which each one of you were to be. Thus it has been decreed and must be, it has commenced. Behold, the call has gone out and shall continue, until the first separation is made complete. Then shall that which I have purposed upon your houses immediately follow. Indeed, it has come forth already to shake you and to stir you up, that you might be moved from your places and come out, that you might fall hard upon your faces and repent.
Oh My people, why do you stand defiant?! Why do you stiffen your necks and furrow your brows?! How is it you say you are My people, yet continue to shoot out the lip and shake the head, tempting The Lord your God?! For I tell you the truth, it shall by no means be finished, until every last one of your detestable sanctuaries is torn down and you are broken, until the loftiness of men is left in tatters and the rebellious are utterly devastated!"


"Therefore, I ask you, who are all these who have opened their mouths foolishly, to reproach The Living God?! And who are all these who display a form of godliness, yet deny the power thereof?! What part do I have with all these houses, which are called by My name? And what part do I have with all these churches of men, who do always take the name of The Lord in vain by all they say and do?! I tell you the truth, you are all as foreigners to Me! IMMANU EL HAS PASSED YOU BY! For I had poured out My spirit upon you, that you might be bathed in the light of My coming; behold, upon all flesh did I pour it out! Yet you would not receive of Me, nor would you come out. Instead you turned away from My leading, and shut the door when I came knocking. For you do always resist the Voice of Truth and refuse correction! Says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Churches of men, you have surely played the harlot, even as your mother has played the harlot, reveling in her fornications! From the beginning she has been a whore and played the harlot, receiving into herself many lovers! She has never been on the side of truth; deceits are found always in her mouth! Even those who came out of her, to point the finger, became like her!
For there is nothing new under the sun, for the heart of man remains deceitful and wicked! And in his unending quest for power he grows ever more corrupt, as he strives always to enhance his self-perceived glory, that he might fulfill his ever-increasing lusts! Yet I tell you the truth, the reformers are cast down! Every one of them sleeps; in the pit they have all lain down.
O great and lofty churches of men, you have enlarged yourselves! Your pomp reaches unto new heights, higher than your tallest steeple, by which you seek to pierce Heaven! Therefore, I shall surely cast you down; even all of you shall be made to sit upon the ground! For you do always resist My voice, and in your arrogance you reject My words, believing yourselves to be above reproach, deep-seated pride which chokes My Word and is quick to blaspheme My spirit! BEHOLD, YOU HAVE SURELY REPROACHED ME! Says The Lord. You have slandered My servants, and bore false witness in My name against Me and My messengers! For you say, “Surely they have a demon! Yes, they have given heed to deceiving spirits, for God would never speak in such a manner!” Yet I tell you the truth, it is you who has given heed, it is you who has been greatly deceived! Therefore are My servants slain and My people given up to the blade.
Yet you persist, and say, “WE serve The Lord, WE are God’s servants.” YOU HAVE SURELY SWORN FALSELY! For as I live, says The Lord, you have all spoken lies before Me! Thus as it was written of My people, Israel, so it is even unto this day with you: For you have grown fat, you are sleek. Yes, your deeds surpass those of the wicked. You do not plead the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet you prosper, and the right of the needy you do not defend... Thus you are given up to the slaughter!
Yes, you have all grown rich, very fat; you are swollen with pride! Your houses have become enlarged, spreading far and wide! Therefore every lofty house must be brought down, and every great and lavish church must be left in ruins! Behold, I shall tear you in pieces! Says The Lord. And in the day of My anger, I shall not withhold, for you have surely robbed Me! You have surely cast My people down, accounting them as spoils! Unfruitful servants, shall I not repay?! Shall I not punish you for all these things?!

Behold, I had caused My name to resound amongst
The Gentiles, and among those in far nations
The Holy One has had renown, yet what is this
I see gathering strength throughout this generation?!...

Perversions of every kind celebrated openly in the streets!
Multitudes who dwell gladly in the midst of Sodom
And walk at ease amongst the people of Gomorrah!
Behold, wayward nations cover the earth,
And every church goes its own way!...

Therefore do you stand in judgment,
O most perverse and deceitful generation!
Therefore do I leave you to walk through
The valley, O churches of men!...


Thus says The Lord: Behold, I have judged already, and am come to pass judgment. For I had called to you, O churches of men, saying, “Come out and be separate,” yet you refused Me. As an obstinate child flailing in the midst of a tantrum, so have you refused to obey My voice, neither will you listen. Indeed, you are altogether unable to receive correction. Even as a stubborn ox which sits upon the ground and can not be moved, so are you amongst the churches of men, bullheaded and unmoving.
Therefore, I will release you into the open field, and break up your fallow ground. And of all your finely crafted houses, they shall have no place, for only waste places shall be found... Where there was once laughter, behold, only wailing shall be heard; where there was once great riches, behold, only destitution shall remain; and where great teachers once stood, preaching loudly in My name, polluting it, behold, the sound of a great crash! ABASEMENT! Then silent lamentation, as all your works are burned up in the fire, declares The Lord.
And now you raise your voices against Me once again, with renewed fervor, because of this Word. Thus I shall indeed punish you for all these things, I shall indeed stretch out My hand and break your pride. For as the firm hand of a father humbles a haughty daughter and disciplines an unruly son, so shall I deal with you, O churches of men. For you have surely forsaken Me! Says The Lord.
Beloved, you have forgotten your God, and The Holy One, your Redeemer, has become unrecognizable to you! How then shall you escape?! How then shall you be delivered from all this death, which encompasses you round about? How then shall you hide from the destruction which comes quickly from on high, drawing ever closer to take away your life?
For your ways and your teachings do always contradict sound doctrine. Indeed, your doctrines and traditions profane My holy name, as you further defile yourselves through your acceptance of pagan practices and myths, which have been passed down to you by your forefathers, men who were corrupters and given to corruption, false servants who committed adultery with the pagans and did not wholly separate themselves from the many harlotries of the Catholic Church... I tell you the truth, she shall be torn in pieces!
And yet all you churches of men remain like her, teaching always as doctrine the commandments of men, which has altogether turned you from The Truth. For you profess to know Me, yet by your works you deny Me, being disobedient, abominable, disqualified for every good work. Thus, as it was written of those who rebelled against Me at the first, so it remains concerning you at the last: Your mouths must be stopped. For you have subverted whole households, teaching things which you ought not, for the sake of dishonest gain. For I tell you the truth, you have surely blasphemed The Spirit of God! Says The Lord.
Thus I shall rebuke you sharply for your sins, by which you have rebelled against Me! I shall correct and discipline you for the multitude of your transgressions, by which you have robbed Me! For I have seen in your hearts malice and how you seek to hold others captive, how you hold their sins over their heads and cast judgment, as though it were a hook. Therefore do your sins remain! Therefore must your discipline be severe!
For if I do not punish you for your iniquities, if I do not tear down all your houses and make you very poor and desolate, you can in no wise be joined unto Me, declares The Lord. For I have not forgotten you, nor will I forsake you utterly as the wicked. I will remember you, for I have known you; no, not as you are, but as you will be, when I have broken your pride and brought your haughtiness to the ground, in the day I rob you of all your riches, says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: Behold, I shall surely establish the line. And all on this side of the line shall be taken. And all on that side shall by no means escape, except through fire and tumult, until pure testimony flows from their lips and death comes to set them free; even as those who at present hold fast to the Testimony of YahuShua HaMashiach, and also keep The Commandments of God, have given up their lives for My sake.
Thus all those who repent shall set themselves apart in that day, and they will keep that which they had forsaken. Yes, they shall honor The Law of The Father, which they had forsaken in My name. Yes, in that day they shall come to testify of Me as I really am! NO MORE shall they pollute My name or the glory of My majesty, in their own names! NO MORE shall they judge their neighbor harshly, with impudent hearts! NO MORE shall they mar My image among the people, by all these detestable doctrines and traditions!
Yes, My beloved, you shall be made new, and all that you were shall pass away in that day. Your vain worship shall cease, and all wickedness shall be purged from the midst of you. And you shall be for Me a testimony and a witness, a great remnant who shall be given a new voice. For I shall put a new song in your mouths and cause your lips to burst forth with praise, even unto pure testimony in My name. And you shall lift up your voices boldly, causing the song to be heard throughout the city, until you fall asleep.
Fear not, for though you die, you shall not sleep at all. For you shall be with Me in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye, in the day you give up your life... Having ceased from loving your life in this world, as one who in vain grasps at the wind, keeping it rather unto eternal life, the day your love is made perfect in The Beloved, the day you find solace upon the bosom of your Savior, The One who consoles your heart and wipes away all your tears.
Therefore, I am sending out this last Trumpet before the time, increasing its sound, a final trumpet blast to warn the people, echoing in all the earth until the consummation. For behold, the Day of The Lord is about to overtake you, and the Great and Terrible Day is very near and shall overcome you, says The Lord. Behold, the judgments of God shall rain down from Heaven upon all who offend! For the wine of God’s fury is poured out, full strength, into the chalice of His reckoning, and in His fierce anger He shall surely cause all in the earth to drink from it!

For thus says The Lord: I have indeed drawn the line and set the standard; I have indeed placed it in the midst of all people, says The Lord. And no one shall by any means pass over after the number has been fulfilled, when the first election is established.
For in the days of Noah, there were many mockers and many who pushed out the lip, jeering and laughing, until the day Noah entered the ark and the door was shut. So shall it be with this wicked generation. The door shall be shut, and many shall be left standing outside, without a covering, with no shelter to protect them from the hard rains which are about to descend.
For lo, I tell you a mystery which shall soon be made known: Those who come out before the time, who obey My voice, will pass to one side, and those who refuse to the other; one on this side, and many more to the other. And those who pass over to this side, joining those who remain on this side, shall be plucked up and hidden; yet some shall be replanted and serve. While those who refuse My voice, even to rebel against Me, shall remain on their own part, on the other side of the line which The Lord has drawn, left to endure the plight of their error.
By this is the inner court and the outer court measured. And all found on the outer court shall surely die. For they are left outside, with no way in, though they falsely perceive themselves to be on the inside, with their backs set against the walls, placing all their faith in a house doomed to destruction, soon to be torn down. Yet those who come out from among them shall enter the inner court, though they are seen as outcasts and labeled falsely as heretics by their peers. Yet these shall surely live, escaping all these things which I am about to do, which I shall surely bring upon all the inhabitants of the earth. For indeed many are called, yet few are chosen, says The Lord. Even so, amen.

Come out from among them, and be
Separate from the churches of men!
Touch no more the unclean thing,
And I will receive you! Says The Lord...

Turn away from My voice no longer,
To your own hurt, for the time is ending
And the first of many must be taken;
They must enter in, and the door must be shut;
For judgment shall rain down from
Heaven, filling the entire earth...

Heed the sound of this Trumpet, and come out!
For this is indeed the Trumpet Call of God!...

Says The Lord of Hosts, your Redeemer."

Excerpts from:
I Am Calling You Out! (Part 2)...
Come Out of the Churches of Men
And I Will Receive You! Says The Lord

6/26/08 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This question was asked of The Lord: Lord, what do you think of Todd Bentley and all these megachurches?

"Thus says The Lord: No more shall My people call out My name, and then run after men in authority, seeking after the vain glory wrought within the churches of men! No more shall they run greedily after vain glory, or heap up vanities to themselves, in MY name! For they have done a detestable thing in My sight! Lo, I have beheld their hearts, and within them I have seen their vanity, vanities on top of vanities and many vain deceits!... Woe to the churches of men who seek after vain glories, and build themselves up by vanity and greed! Woe to them! For they shall be the first to be thrown down! They shall be brought down to the ground, they shall no more stand!
Look, My sons and daughters, look at all these detestable things wrought within the churches of men, and tell Me, what do you see? What do you see, beloved? What have they done to My name?!... Woe to these people of excess! Woe to all these churches of men, who pollute My name and steal from My glory! For they build great churches of brick and wood, magnificent buildings of concrete and steel, yet the poor cry at the doors!

Yes, they build great and extravagant houses,
They amplify their voices like the wind,
Yet the cause of the widow and
The fatherless goes unheard!...

Shall I not recompense them for all these things?!
Shall I not abase all these self-appointed leaders,
These charlatans, in front of many witnesses?!...

Shall I not come upon them quickly
And strip them of all their clothes,
Leaving them naked and desolate?!

Behold, I shall be terrible to them, yes, I shall be a terror unto them, when I sweep across the land and destroy all these houses which bear My name! For My anger is kindled, and My face is set hard against them! No more shall they seduce My bride and rape My daughters! No more shall they cause My children to sin! FOR I, MYSELF, HAVE SEEN IT!
My sons and daughters, listen to My voice and give heed to My spirit. For I tell you the truth, if these great and extravagant churches were to call for The Holy Spirit in truth, and I did send it in the fullness of My strength, none would stand, all would fall down. Thus I did not send it, nor has My presence been among them, for I do not know them. All is vanity and vain glory, corruption by flattery, filthy pretense for evil gain. For in My presence all fall down and give Me glory; from the righteous to the wicked, all shall fall down and give Me glory.
For who can stand before The Lord Most High? Who?! Not this man! For he has lifted up his head, and taken it upon himself to speak in My name, though I have not sent him. Therefore I shall surely humble him, and he shall be severely abased in the sight of many witnesses. For I alone uplift, and I alone abase, says The Lord.

Thus says The Lord: The light has gone out of the churches of men, and My hand is removed. Therefore what remains, and what spirit dwells there? Deceptions clothed in falsehoods, whitewashed and covered over in purple and scarlet, doctrines of demons! Therefore prepare, all you who remain in My love,[24] for the time is at hand; the Trumpet is blowing and the warning is sent down. Yet those in your land cover their ears and will not listen; indeed, they hate the sound of this Trumpet and refuse to give heed! Thus I shall be terrible to them, and nature shall rise up in its fury and fight against them!
Yet The Lord is not without mercy, for all these things are but a call to awake. For your land and its people sleep; behold, they lie down in beds of wickedness, embracing sins of every kind. And those among the churches slumber also, with all these self-appointed prophets, pastors and preachers lulling them to sleep, though the storm rages.
Behold, sin inundates the streets and alleyways, even to the broadways, a great deluge of wickedness; the surge of which has come and shall not be turned back, until its pinnacle is reached and that written is accomplished. And behold, the eyes of many shall be opened in that day, and they shall see. Yes, they shall call out and choose Righteousness, and I Myself will save them out of all their troubles; I shall surely deliver them from the mouth of the dragon.[25] Then they will know, I AM THE LORD."

Excerpt from: Woe to the Megachurches of Men

11/19/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding a video which showed children being “slain in the spirit” at a church assembly)

"WOE TO THOSE WHO LEAD MY LAMBS ASTRAY! WOE, I SAY TO THEM! Woe to all who feed lies to the little ones and cause them to sin! For as it is written: It would be better for them if a millstone were hung around their neck, and they were drowned in the depths of the sea, than to suffer My wrath over these little ones!
Therefore woe to those who uphold perverse and bitter doctrine; your discipline shall be most severe! Woe to those who pollute My name, in word and by deed; for you have brought shame upon your own heads, and disgrace to all your houses which you call by My name! Woe to all who take advantage of the ignorant and pollute the minds of the innocent!"

Excerpt from: The Innocent Are Mine

Section Three

3/6/05 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"My own beloved have not returned to Me, but do always seek their own way! And of the shepherds, they did not go out to search for My flock, but have fed themselves! They did not feed My flock, BUT HAVE FED THEMSELVES![26]

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, all you self-appointed shepherds, and give ear, all you wayward flocks, for you have surely broken the yoke and burst the bonds,[27] you have surely forsaken The Lord your God; for thus says The Lord: I am against you! Your houses are fallen, and the foundations upon which you have built yourselves up crumble beneath your feet! All is dust and ashes, rubble piled up in heaps! Oh what a bitter thing this is, unending sadness, anguish and pain; My own beloved have departed from Me, My own children have gone far astray! I gave My Son for them, that they may live and not die, I laid Myself upon the altar, yet they want no part with Me as I truly am! Thus they choose death, and with the grave they have made their agreement.[28]"

Excerpt from: Watch

10/19/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I have stretched out My hands all day long to a stubborn people, who walk in a way that is not good; a people who do not obey My voice, nor will they incline the ear, but do always follow the counsels and dictates of their own evil hearts; a most rebellious generation who provoke Me to anger continually to My face! For they seek always a way to retain their corrupt riches, a way to hide their shame, as they uplift themselves to new heights in vanity - false glory! Yea they build great and lavish houses, setting each one upon the shifting sands of man-made religion, perverse tradition and the corrupt doctrines of men; behold, even their steeples seek to pierce Heaven!... Woe, therefore, to this adulterous people! Woe to all these women dressed in fine apparel! They are all as strangers to Me! For they worship another god, and within their churches they teach the people of another messiah, one which they themselves have created! THESE ARE NOT OF MY BODY! THEY LOOK NOTHING LIKE ME!
Behold, the churches have removed themselves far from Me! For they have played the harlot, and cleave to the breast of another! Tears, great anguish fills My heart! The stripes which I bore for them remain, yet they continue to bruise Me and persecute My body while mocking Me, spitting in My face on account of My words, continuing in their unjust cause, that they might silence My messengers and shut My mouth from speaking! For the sake of envy they stone My Bride, and are quick to pass judgment upon the lowly, turning their backs on those who come seeking bread!
Behold, they pollute the name of God without ceasing, even the name The Father gave Me (the name We share), refusing to embrace Me as I truly am! Lo, even the least of their brethren are made to conform to their image, as they continue to heap up offenses one atop another throughout their generations! And those who depart their company, or bring forth a just complaint, are judged swiftly and very harshly, slandered and cast out. For they say within themselves, “I answer to no one; I am free from The Law, and am in need of nothing. This is my house, and to IT am I married. I will follow the traditions of my fathers, and no one will turn me aside. For I am a bride-in-waiting, and will never be a widow!”

Therefore I am coming down, and MY bride shall be taken,
My every treasure gone from this place...

And so it shall come to pass, the “bride-in-waiting”
Shall indeed become the widow;
For the husband which she had formed
In her own image shall die on that day...

And behold, only women in mourning shall remain...

Says The Lord.

From: Women in Mourning

4/8/10 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
For All Those Who Call of Themselves Christian
And For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord of Heaven and Earth: I have seen and I have heard, and no more shall I allow all this iniquity to thrive before My face! No more shall I allow all these abominations to proliferate throughout the earth!

Thus says The Lord your Redeemer, He who weeps for you; behold, with many tears I speak to you: Oh My beloved lost sheep, you have wandered far from Me, you have gone astray! Why, beloved?! Why have you forsaken Me?! You were to be My treasure! Oh how I weep for you; yes, I weep for you, beloved! Turn aside and return to Me, for I call to you still!
Where are you, beloved? You are lost, chasing after every unclean thing in a world which seeks only to consume you! Come home! COME HOME, MY BELOVED ONES! There is no more time to tarry! For the time has come for The Father’s indignation to be poured out, and all the children of disobedience shall come to know it! Yes, all these insolent and rebellious peoples shall surely drink of it!
Yet here I am, beloved! Look up, My children, and give Me glory! Repent in dust and ashes, wail and lament loudly! CRY OUT! For there is but One Salvation, only one name under Heaven by which you must be saved, One God and One Savior, only One who can fulfill your heart’s innermost desire... I am He, beloved! I AM HE! YahuShua is My name!

Beloved, come out from among them and be joined unto ME!...

Be sheltered from all these troubles which are coming
And are already here; be spared from all these things
Which I am about to pour out upon this generation!...

Now is the accepted time! Today is the day of salvation!
Escape to The Father’s house!...

Thus have I spoken it and so shall it be,
For I swear by Myself, says The Lord, it has begun.

From: Lost Sheep

10/7/04 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"My people, you were to walk in His ways! Yet you have made of Him a mockery! How long shall you cleave to the harlot?! How long shall you walk in her ways?! My people, come out of her, and touch no more the unclean thing![29]

For I tell you the truth, to replace Christ,
Or to associate His name with sin, is to
Partake in that which is called antichrist!...

And to honor The Messiah with pagan customs and
Filthy traditions is to take the name of The Lord in vain!...


I know many in this world celebrate this holiday in ignorance of its origins, yet it is an abomination to Me, pagan practices and idolatrous traditions which I loathe in My zeal! Therefore, woe to those who willfully walk in ignorance! And woe, even three times woe, to those who knowingly place their stamp of approval on these things, doing so in The Messiah’s name; yours shall be a most bitter place, your discipline severe! Woe to all who knowingly lead others into rebellion against The Lord, for the mouth of Sheol is open and ready to receive you!
Beloved ones, worship Me as I am and not as you would have Me be! Obey MY voice! Depart from every form of evil and tear down every whitewashed wall of abomination! CHURCHES OF MEN, STOP TWISTING THE SCRIPTURES TO UPHOLD YOUR OWN WAY! Be separate from this world, and no more endorse those things I hate! Again, I say, be separate and come out from among them,[30] and repent! Return to Me, in spirit and in truth, and in the day I stretch out My hand against the inhabitants of the earth, you shall surely be gone from this place, says The Lord.

So then, My beloved servants, share your gifts: Lift up the poor and help the needy, give drink to the thirsty and feed the hungry, share My love and wash each other’s feet. Yet no longer be a friend of this world,[31] and no more walk in the ways of the churches of men, for they have not known Me."

Excerpt from: Christmas

10/8/09 From YahuShua HaMashiach, Our Lord and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding the churches of men and their rejection of this Word)

Thus says The Lord: My sons and daughters, take this knowledge you have received in Me, and discern. Anoint your eyes with this salve I have given you, and now see. Come to see with My eyes; see, beloved! See with your hearts and quiet your minds, that you may understand. Yes, let your hearts be troubled, let the tears flow, and wail over your brothers and sisters in the churches. Wail, be broken in pieces on their behalf, that you may know what My love is, that your hearts may come to beat in sync with Mine. For they have departed from Me!
Beloved, I do not know them! Such sorrow and bitter tears, I do not know them! Great enmity has come up between us! For they remain lovers of the world, ensnared by the things of this world and men! Beloved, they have forsaken Me! Behold, they have turned to Me the back and not the front! For I have reached out My hand to them, yet they turn away, refusing Me, seeing only cords of which they despise and endeavor to cut. Beloved, they have hated the sound of My voice, and do always hold out the hand against the leading of My spirit! Such sorrow, such enmity and tears, I weep for them!
Beloved, I have counted their tears also, in number very few, for My tears they have not known. How then shall I heal them? How then shall they receive ears to hear? For their hearts remain cold, without feeling, unyielding to the call of God, a hard and proud people who bear false witness in My name without ceasing. They retain no love for God in their hearts, nor do they love their neighbor, even to the forsaking of the poor and the needy. And of the cause of the widow and the fatherless, they care not, nor do they contend on their behalf, unwilling to lift even one finger to aid them.

Therefore, thus says The Lord: I am come to make them poor, to leave them desolate. Even now they are in severe lack and remain void of The Spirit, and know it not. And behold, the day is coming and draws very near, when they shall be in need and no one will come to aid them. For I am no more their Father, and they are no more My people, says The Lord. For they have played the harlot; indeed, they have rebelled against Me, and have played the harlot with many lovers!

Thus those who were to be the bride shall become the widow;
She shall altogether become as one who mourns the loss of her husband,
As one who seeks after her beloved, yet he can not be found...

And so shall it remain until her day comes and is fulfilled,
When she once again cries out in the streets,
“Blessed is He who comes in the name of The Lord!”

From: The Fatherless Widow

7/6/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Thus says The Lord: My people have forsaken Me! The churches of men have departed from Me! They have gone astray, they have been drawn far asunder, polluting My name without ceasing! Behold, even those among the called of Israel have turned from Me and cover their ears! Therefore must I also forsake them when the trumpet sounds, turning My face from them when the shout is made.
Behold, I have sent My messengers to every land, one from every nation, each being sent to the people of their own land, even from the midst of them. Yet I hear no answer, no wailing has entered My ears, not one has come out in mourning; I hear no repentance at all! Only filthiness comes forth, corrupt doctrines and detestable traditions polluting My name and The Messiah’s, great perversions of speech to uphold their own way, desecration as has never been seen! And though they do indeed have a form of godliness, they continually deny the power thereof!
The churches of men are unclean, every synagogue is void and desolate; My people have forgotten Me, neither do I dwell among them; My spirit is far removed! Therefore the desolate shall receive the reward of their error, and the heathen the penalty of their idolatries! Behold, the churches of men shall also receive - RECOMPENSE, for every act of adultery which they have committed before My face! Yes, according to every filthy act, which they have performed in MY name, shall it be accounted to them!
Dissolute children, why do you rend the heart of God and fill The Holy One with tears and heavy sorrows?! Am I not your God?! Did I not purchase you at a great price?! When did I withhold My heart from you?! At what moment did I turn back or stop to consider if you would receive Me, when I delivered Myself up for you, pouring out My love in rivers of blood?!

Beloved, I poured out My life so you may
Partake of Me fully, that you may receive of My life!
Yet you want no part with Me as I truly am!...

Therefore, with great heaviness of heart
I declare to you, I am no more your God,
And you have ceased from being My people...

For The True Salvation, which is revealed in Me,
Remains hidden from your eyes.

Did you think The Most High was subject to your conditions?! Did you think The Holy One of Israel could be transformed into an image more to your liking?! Did you presume, in your arrogance, to think the ways of The Lord God Almighty were subject to men?! And are My prophets now subject to you?!
Foolish people, wicked and slothful generation, you know neither Me nor My Word! For the ways of The Beloved you have not known, and His glory remains hidden from you! And though His grace is shed abroad, it remains far from you; neither have I beheld His form among you. Therefore have you come out to fight against Me in your pride! And with a mouth of arrogance you speak blasphemies before My face, day and night, standing fast in your bitter ignorance! And so I have called for a witness against you, says The Lord of Power and Glory, He who was and is and shall be, The Everlasting, who is from everlasting to everlasting. Amen.

Thus says The Lord whose name is one, to His people who are not His people; thus is the witness which I declare against you, which I speak by Myself, of Myself, in My own name: I never knew you! Depart from Me! Depart, all you workers of hypocrisy and lawlessness! Depart into the furnace, into refinement and death, the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord!
For the lake of My burning heart is a consuming fire, and in the heat of My jealousy I shall purify My people seven times, until only that which bears My likeness remains; the refined lifted up, the wicked consumed, destruction of every kind of evil! For I am The Lord who was and is, even from the beginning, and to the end and forever after I remain."

Excerpt from: Depart from Me

8/6/10 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

(Regarding the churches of men)

Hear the Word of The Lord, for thus declares The Lord: All those who depart the churches of men shall come and sit at My table. And those who remain unmoving, holding fast, resting proudly upon their laurels, shall receive the recompense of their error. For their fate shall be even as the house in which they have placed all their trust, a house which is already condemned.
For I am The Lord alone, and I will not share My glory; nor shall any corrupt house stand, though man has endeavored to place My name there... No more shall My name be polluted because of you, O churches of men! No more shall the name of The Son of Salvation be perverted before the multitude, because of you, O house of harlots! For you have surely committed adultery by your doctrines, and have played the harlot by your traditions, welcoming in many lovers!

Therefore, I am coming down to you,
To purge and to divide the spoils!...

Behold, I shall tear down,
Uproot and destroy, supplant,
Until I have set all these crooked paths straight!...

Says The Lord.

From: Dividing the Spoils

9/9/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord: I have spoken to those who call of themselves Christian, yet they have not discerned. I have written to them by the pen of My prophets, yet they have not perceived. Indeed, they refuse to accept Me as I truly am. For within their churches they worship another god, they teach the people of another messiah, one who looks nothing like Me!
Lo, they seek after the doctrines and traditions of men, which I hate; they embrace them without thought or consideration; behold, they uphold them in MY name! DESECRATION! BLASPHEMY! The whole body is sick, its members wane, for they are covered with the filth of the pagan and dwell gladly in their uncleanness!

For behold, the mother went forth and
Played the harlot; yes, she played the harlot
And reveled in her fornications with the heathen;
She married among the pagans and laid
Down with them in her wickedness...

And behold, she gave birth by her father,
And brought forth many daughters...

In sin she brought forth! In great wickedness
She proliferated all her adulteries
Against both God and man!

She has altogether forsaken Me! Says The Lord. For she does always reject the Spirit of Truth, and will not listen to the counsel of The Holy One of Israel. For she has solidified her way before her, and will not be turned aside!
Behold, she is altogether like one who has committed treason, a self-appointed queen who has endeavored to seat herself upon My throne, deceiving the people, taking much delight in her authority! Behold, like the jackals of the wilderness, which tear the flesh and drag away the carcass, so has she torn the heart of this people; they are far removed! For they are made to dwell in darkness with her, as they lie down with the dead.
Behold, even as the sow devours without reservation, wallowing in its own filth, taking much pleasure in all its uncleanness, so in like manner does she! Yet the sow knows its place, and acts according to the manner in which it was created. Yet it is not so among those who walk in her ways. Behold, even those who rebelled against her, who proclaim they are set apart from her, remain like her, practicing those same things which I said they shall not do! And though they say, “We are not daughters,” daughters they remain.
Thus the harlot shall be torn in pieces! Her flesh shall be eaten, and she shall be burned with fire, as it is written![32] And all her daughters, yes, all you churches of men, shall be severely abased! Even a great purging shall come forth from within the midst of you; behold, you shall be stripped naked and left desolate in the Great and Terrible Day of The Lord!

Therefore hear Me, all you foolish leaders who dwell amongst the churches of men, hear the Word of The Lord your God: Yes, you shall surely be left desolate and stripped naked of all your clothes! And no more shall you spew all this perverse doctrine or revel in all these filthy traditions before My face!
Behold, your adulteries shall be uncovered, O churches of men, and you shall cry out in the streets! And with tears streaming, you shall fall and be made to sit upon the ground, until you once again stand up with pure testimony and right understanding, proclaiming My name in truth, honoring My Commandments and keeping My Sabbaths, and no more adding to nor taking away from the Word which I have commanded you.[33] In that day, the multitudes shall lie down in death, and many of you shall fall asleep. Yet I shall come for you, and lift you up, and give you robes of white. Yes, you shall die, even at the hands of men, yet you shall be lifted up to glory.

Therefore purge yourselves, and cease from all this awful spewing!
Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean, AND REPENT; return to Me!...

Beloved, come to Me empty, that you may receive true knowledge;
Come out from among them and embrace your Savior in truth;
Be delivered from all this darkness!...

Turn away from the commandments of men;
Stand apart from those who call evil good and good evil,
Who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter,[34]

Says The Lord.

O churches of men, how long shall I suffer you?! How long will you devour corrupt fruit and consume bitter doctrine, and then in turn serve it to My children?! For from the grapes which bring forth wrath do you produce wine, and from the fruit of wild grapevines do you drink, leaving your mouths dry and your palates bitter. Cast it out! For as it is written: You can not drink from the cup of The Lord and from the cup of demons! You can not partake of The Lord’s table and of the table of demons![35] Says The Lord.

Yet I hear you saying, “We do not sup with demons, nor do we drink from their cup. And we have never served rotten food!”

Therefore, thus says The Lord: My anger is kindled against you, O churches of men! My discipline is prepared and made ready and shall be most severe, on account of all this blasphemy I have heard from your lips, and because of all these heresies of which you have readily accepted from all these haughty scholars, teachers, pastors, preachers, ministers and priests, who have set themselves up as an authority, who as the Pharisees of old have lifted up their heel against Me!
CHURCH LEADERS, LET MY PEOPLE GO! No more feed them, for I alone shall feed them! Let them go, so I may purge them and make them clean! LET THEM GO! Let My children come out and worship Me in a place set apart. For they are My treasure and I shall surely steal them away, even all in whom I see of Myself, those who have received of Me in sincerity and in truth, humble and penitent, with a new heart and a contrite spirit.
Indeed, from the beginning I have set up prophets and exalted My servants in accordance with My will, yet who among these did I not first abase? Can any man be humbled without first being brought low? And who among you, who wears a crown, shall not have it struck from his head? Shall not his pompous robes and fine apparel also be stripped from him, even in the sight of many witnesses? For there is but One who wears the crown, only One who shares it with the worthy.
Yet among the churches I hear only a hissing at this Word, though it has proceeded from My own mouth! Therefore, know this and also understand, O foolish and slothful people: Though you forbear, I will continue to speak; and though you push out the hand and wag the head, I shall cause this Word to cleave to you; and behold, the more you struggle and fight against it, the more burdensome shall it become, pressing hard upon your chest, entering in, even to the piercing of your heart.

For you, O rebellious children, have indeed grown very fat,
Having engorged yourselves as the sluggard, even as
The rich man who sits at his own table to be a glutton;
For he partakes only of that which is pleasing
In his own eyes and seasoned by his hire...

So also do you, O churches of men...

For you seek after every seductive and deceiving
Spirit to satisfy your itching ears, embracing only
That which you perceive frees you from all accountability,
That you may continue to walk in the deceits of your flesh,
As you seek to fulfill every hidden lust of your corrupted hearts...

Thus you do always push out the hand against the Truth,
Hating that which brings conviction, resisting the purging of your souls.

Churches of men, what god is this you serve?! What savior is this you testify of?! Behold, he has become unrecognizable to Me, an idol which you have made, a corrupt image which you have established upon the doctrines and traditions of men, which run contrary to Me and My Word! Yes, it is MY Word which you have polluted, mistranslated and misinterpreted, according to the vain deceits of men in authority, whose hearts are perverse, overflowing with pride, puffed up and full of vanity! Says The Lord.
Churches of men, you have endeavored to recreate Me in your own image! Cry out to The Potter, therefore, for you are but clay! And no more speak as though you are in any way able to mold Him! For I tell you the truth, you have all become as a disgusting lump in His body! And that which you speak has become like a sore and a sickness which exudes a foul stench, a detestable odor which ceases not from coming up before My face!
For you have altogether become as the pagan and the heathen among whom you dwell, a rotten stalk of wheat in a valley of tares, where the latter rain has ceased and the sun narrowly breaks through the clouds. For you are a people who gather together in The Messiah’s name (whom you call Christ), yet your visage has become altogether as that of the world, a people who take the name of The Lord in vain continually by your corrupt doctrines and filthy traditions, even by all your holidays, which I hate!
Therefore your prayers are not heard[36], your worship is not accepted; My face is turned from you, and My hand is removed. For you continue to practice those things which I said you shall not do and forsake that which I commanded be done, dishonoring that which was to be held in high esteem and forgetting that which I called you to remember. Thus you have turned to Me the back and not the front, and at My Word you hiss and wag the head, arousing Me to anger.
Churches of men, why do you embrace wrath?! Indeed, it is as though you have fallen in love with judgment! For you do always practice that which I said you shall not do, marrying yourselves to those doctrines and traditions which are against Me, even to all these pagan-laced holidays and festivals, which I hate!
Furthermore, you pollute My name and the glory of The Holy One by this one doctrine which I despise in My zeal, the false and most perverse doctrine called hell and eternal torment,[37] as spoken of and taught in the churches of men! Yet you embrace it, yea, you grab hold of it and make it your own, upholding satan’s cause!
Woe, My people! Woe, I say to you! For those who love wrath shall surely receive of it, and those who seek torment for another shall partake of it in the Day of The Lord! Behold, even now it is yours! For My hand is removed from all who uphold this doctrine or speak against this Word. Lo, as an unarmed man overtaken suddenly by a band of thieves, left bruised and broken, so shall it be in the Day of The Lord, for all who reject this Word and heed not the sound of this Trumpet. Therefore, as it is written: Watch and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things.[38] For the time has come, behold, the Day is here, it waits at the doors, and soon the whole world shall fall under the shadow of My judgment.

Therefore, come out from among them and prepare to meet your God!...

Bow down and be purged and no more stand defiant;
Seek no longer to uphold your own way, but come to Me naked;
Kneel before your Redeemer and bear your hearts before Me!...

Beloved ones, receive of The Pure Water and drink deeply,
Yea, immerse yourselves and be cleansed, set free!

For The Lord your God has a Holy One; He is The Head of the body, The True Sanctuary, The Only Life Without End! Say no more there is another way into eternal life, nor say those who reject His life live also, though it be in torment. For there is but ONE WAY, ONE TRUTH and ONE LIFE... Behold, He is a strong tower, a fortified city in the day of battle, an all-encompassing fire; The Mighty and Strong One whose rod is made of iron, The Law-Giver; The Source of Life by which all things consist,[39] your Carpenter and Redeemer, The Salvation of God! My people, wait upon The Lord with meekness and fear, with unwavering trust, wait for Him! For He is The Fountain of Living Waters for all who thirst, a fruitful vine for the hungry, a wealth of riches for all those who come to Me empty.

Therefore, beloved, give Him glory!
Lift up your voices with everlasting praise!
Bring thanksgiving to the altar,
And offer up your hearts before Him!...

Shout His name to the heavens,
For He is The Lord your Righteousness!...



Churches of Men, Hear The Word of The Lord

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