Regarding the United Church of God

2/15/07 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For the United Church of God, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

To the church at The Lord’s right hand, hear The Word of The Lord, for thus says The Lord: Many of you remain seated at My right hand, because of your faith and those good works which you have done in accordance with My will. So then call yourself no more, “The United Church of God”. Rather call yourself, “The United Church In YahuShua The Messiah, Under God.” My children, do you sit next to Me upon My throne? Or is it My body in which you dwell?... The Messiah is The Church, His name is YahuShua, and He is the body in which My children dwell. By Him and through Him are all things, and to Him shall the Gentiles flock. He is your Shepherd, and by His shed blood are you made sons and daughters of God.
Yes, many of you are of His body and remain seated at His right hand. Therefore continue in The Way I have shown you, resting firmly in The Messiah, being an immovable stone for His name. Be turned neither to the right hand nor to the left, but continue straight forward, according to the Scriptures and that which I speak to you this day. For in your doings I am well pleased... For you have kept My Commandments and remembered My Holy Days, and have not departed from My Sabbaths, even the seventh day of each week which I had commanded you to remember and keep holy, even as I had also sanctified the seventh day from the beginning.
Indeed, you have sought to be separate from those things which I hate, forsaking that which is detestable in My sight, even all these polluted holidays and traditions of men which man celebrates in ignorance and sin, desecrating My name and The Messiah’s. Thus you have not made your members to be members of a harlot. Therefore great shall be your reward in Heaven. For all sin is not equal; only My forgiveness is equal. Yet remember this, that you may be humbled in your service toward Me: No church named of men is the True Church, not one. Rather each member individually in whom The Messiah dwells, abiding wholly in Him, walking in His ways, make up the True Church of His body; no walls, only spirit and truth.

Therefore, O church of men, if you seek to strive
On toward perfection, hear My words and forbear not...

Take to heart all I have given you, and make it not a point of contention;
Nor pollute your good works with pride, nor use them
As a measuring stick by which you count others unworthy...

For I alone sit as judge,
I alone correct and discipline all those I love...

Rather take all I have given you, both in knowledge
And understanding, and become your own students.

Now take heed, and hear what The Lord says to the church at His right hand, if you do indeed seek to remain at My right hand: Forbear not, nor reject My words spoken to this generation, lest I leave you unto refinement also. For your robes have been made white, washed in the blood of The Lamb, yet many of your daughters have gone their own way, returning to the ways of the world and the harlot, doing those things which are unseemly in My sight; forsaking My Sabbaths, and embracing those doctrines and traditions of men which I hate, even all their holidays (falsely called so) which I loathe in My zeal; mixing the things of God with pagan traditions and the corrupt doctrines of men!
Therefore be strong, yea be very strong, and make every effort to turn them back again, lest they be torn in pieces when I stretch out My hand against the harlot, and bring calamity upon the churches of men. Again, I say to you, strive toward perfection, yet do not think yourselves above reproach... Embrace My words, obey that which I have spoken to this generation, and you shall surely escape those things which I am about to pour out upon every nation which has forsaken Me!
Oh yes, I shall surely take My people OUT OF this place, and many shall behold the angels of God ascending and descending upon The Son of Man in that day. For these in whom The Messiah dwells are not appointed to wrath, but have passed from judgment into life. Thus as it was in the days of Lot, when I brought him out of the city, so likewise shall I deliver My servants in the Day of Wrath. For The One who withholds, and those who abide in Him, must be taken out of the way. Then shall I judge the earth and strike the nations. By no means shall these, who are converted in their innermost parts, be taken through. Therefore give heed to My words and embrace My correction, that you may see with greater eyes. Or have you forgotten this truth: No prophecy or scripture is to be interpreted by an individual on their own? For prophecy has never come as a result of human power or by the will of man. Rather those chosen received ears to hear, and by the power of My spirit and according to My will, they became mouthpieces of The Most High God.
My children, search the Scriptures according to My Word, as it was written and not as man has rewritten it, nor discern according to your own beliefs or doctrines, and you shall behold My glory, even the truth of this Word which I have put forth for this generation. For all I speak is Scripture and Truth, even a plumb line by which all these crooked paths shall be set straight once again, says The Lord.

Therefore, hear and understand the love and severity of God...

For those who forsake Me and trample upon the name
Of The Holy One of Israel, rejecting Me and My Word,
Great adversity, refinement in the Day of The Lord...

Yet for those who embrace Me and My Word,
Cleaving to Him in whom the fullness of God dwells,
A way of escape, sanctuary in the house of The Lord.

Beloved flock, remain in My love; heed My words and embrace My correction. For you have indeed done many things well, according to My Word in the Scriptures. And only by these things in which you yet lack understanding have you spoken in error. And so for many, correction and a firm hand of discipline; yet for you, correction only, if you indeed heed My words and also do them.
So then hear and understand the truth of baptism, of which you hold in such high regard, and be careful that you do not make it a rod or a measuring stick by which you judge others; nor make baptism by water more than it was ordained to be, lest you make the cross of The Messiah of no effect. For as is circumcision, so also is baptism; neither is necessary for salvation. Therefore you speak without knowledge, and have failed to understand the loving mercies of God which are fulfilled in YahuShua, The Messiah. For you need only look to the thief on the cross, and have understanding. For a man who had never known baptism by water, nor set foot in a church, was assured of salvation when he confessed his sin before The Messiah, with a sincere and penitent heart. And in that same moment he was forgiven, and will enter into paradise at the Last Day, as Messiah had spoken it, saying, “In truth I speak to you this day, you shall be with Me in paradise.”
Therefore, My sons and daughters, heed these words which I had spoken by My servant already, for they speak to the truth of baptism: If you dispense the food of God to the hungry, while using your own salt to salt that which has salt in itself, will not the food you offer lose its flavor and become bitter in the mouths of those who came looking to be fed?
I tell you the truth, many will there be in My Kingdom who received no baptism by water. Rather they had been fully immersed in The Word of God, enveloped in The Son’s sacrifice and love, baptized in The Spirit of Truth. For most assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. Therefore, do not cast stumbling blocks before the feet of those who love Me. Be one in Messiah, according to that which dwells inwardly in the heart. For true fellowship comes not by words spoken amongst a group of united people, nor by immersion in water. Rather it starts with the heart, and is found in the stillness of My spirit, where My peace mends the broken and My gentle caress gladdens the heart. For all those found at the feet of The Lord are covered with grace, and those who abide in My love are indeed of one accord.
Beloved, where in The Commandments have I written all must be baptized by men to be saved? Baptism is indeed good, if it is a confession poured out from one’s heart in pure belief, an outward act of faith revealing one’s acceptance of their forgiveness in The Messiah. For the water of the earth can only cleanse that which is soiled on the skin. By no means can it cleanse that which is soiled in the spirit; this is reserved for the blood of The Lamb. Again I say to you, baptism by water is nothing, unless one is first washed by The Word, being baptized in The Spirit of Grace and Truth which is received in YahuShua HaMashiach, whom you call Jesus and Christ. For HE is The True Baptism, The Very Water of Life, in which all must be cleansed to receive everlasting life.

Therefore beloved, remember:
The spirit of the Word, and not the letter,
Is the way, the truth and the life...

For The Messiah is indeed coming quickly,
To baptize all in fire and glory...

Those of a wicked heart, in fire...

And those of The Spirit, in glory, forever and ever!

Beloved servants, Timothy is My prophet. And though you yet resist him, all I have spoken by him shall surely come to pass. And though it seems to tarry in the eyes of men, it shall not tarry, it shall surely come. Then all will know that which was written was spoken by the mouth of The Lord, and indeed, a prophet had been among them. I am The Lord.

From: Under God