Regarding Africa

Vision Given to Timothy

6/22/05 Timothy’s Vision of YahuShua Standing upon the World

I saw great suffering of men, women and children, in several countries I did not recognize. I also saw many horrible things being done to Christians in those lands.
Then I saw a giant sandaled foot, with its heel on Africa, about to step down on very tall figures. The other sandaled foot was over Israel, but not touching it or stepping down on it. I know the sandaled feet belonged to YahuShua, because I could also see the rest of Him. His height went all the way into the heavens, and He was wearing a white robe.

Timothy’s Vision of YahuShua (Jesus)
Standing upon the World

The Interpretation of the Vision

6/22/05 The Interpretation of the Vision Given to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Who can move the foot of The Holy One of Israel, once it has been placed and purposed? Who has the power to fight against God?! For all live under the shadow of The Almighty - whether in judgment, or under the shadow of His healing wings.

Therefore, let every high man be bowed down
And every oppressor be broken in pieces,
Says The Lord...

Let all who stand so tall and lofty,
With hearts firm and unyielding,
Be crushed beneath My feet,
Until only dust and ashes remain,
Says The Almighty...

Yet let the penitent receive their reward,
Let them abide at My feet in peace,
Until that which is written is completed
And that which was prophesied comes to pass,
Says The Holy One of Israel.

The Shadow of The Almighty

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