Regarding Prophets (False)

Section One

7/16/09 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Therefore, thus says The Lord: ALL self-appointed apostles, prophets, and preachers shall be brought to utter ruin! And lo, destruction comes swiftly, a weight which you have brought upon your own heads! For I am coming quickly in judgment, I am coming down with great recompense, and I shall surely repay! Behold, I shall strike you down, and you shall collapse where you stand; even as that which you have built up in your greed, for the sake of your own glory, falls with a great crash![1]
Shall one become a prophet by human means?! Is the voice of The Almighty something that can be claimed?! Can the gifts of My spirit be attained by human power, and am I now made subject to the wiles of men?! You have all prophesied lies before Me, you speak that which is born from the deceit of your own hearts! - A very foolish endeavor, a vain thing, a fatal error! For you have taken the things of God in hand, and twisted them, for your own gain![2]

Shall you attempt to steal from My glory, and then parade
Yourself before the people as though you were sent by God?!...


Shut your mouths and be quiet, open not your mouths
And speak no more in My name, lest I tear you
In pieces and there be none to deliver![3]
For I tell you the truth, My judgment is not idle
And your destruction does not sleep!...

Therefore fall hard upon your faces, AND REPENT,
And I may yet have mercy upon you! Says The Lord God.

For I have beheld your form, yes, I have looked upon your visage, and I have seen your fine clothes and all your luxuriously-crafted apparel, all these expensive ornaments with which you adorn yourselves. I know all your delusions of grandeur, and how you lead My people astray by false divinations, brought forth from your own corrupted hearts. Therefore your portraits shall be broken, your church buildings shall be thrown down, and your every pulpit swept away, in the day I strip you naked and leave you desolate! Says The Lord.

Therefore hear the Word of The Lord, all you who call of yourselves Christian, for thus declares The Lord: No prophet or man of God, of whom I have chosen and sent, shall by any means receive payment for his services, nor shall he accept a gift; no man shall profit from My Word! Freely he has received, freely he shall give. Nor shall he allow any form of praise or glory to be added to his account; rather, he shall correct them sharply. I AM THE LORD.
Thus all you teachers, pastors, preachers, ministers and priests, who receive tithes and welcome praise from the people, shall be held accountable; behold, it shall be required of you in the Day. Shall you take profit for that which I have offered as a free gift? Shall you raise yourselves up by false glory, and abuse My Word for selfish gain? Yes, there is indeed profit in it, according to the wealth of grace and salvation which abounds in love, granting an abundance of eternal wealth, which is life in My presence and My joy forevermore, for all those who receive My Word and also walk in it. Yet those who use My Word to profit by monetary means shall be cast out and shall remain in the valley, walking through thick darkness until death comes to claim them, says The Lord.

Therefore, let it be stated and set forth this day in the hearing of the people, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear, for it shall be done and come to pass as I have spoken it, even as I proclaim it now: No man in authority, whether a self-appointed apostle, prophet, teacher, pastor, preacher, minister or priest, as they are called among men, who also forsake The Moral Law in the name of The Messiah, to make Him the author of sin, shall escape the Day of The Lord! For the saints of The Most High are those who keep My Commandments and remember My Sabbaths, and carry The Messiah within them, even unto pure testimony in His name, in word and by deed.[4]
Again, I tell you, no leader amongst the churches of men who forsakes the Sabbath, of which I Myself had sanctified from the beginning,[5] which is and has always been and shall always be the seventh day,[6] shall escape the Day of The Lord! And no leader amongst the churches who embraces all these holidays of men, which I hate, shall by any means escape the Day of The Lord! Remember My Holy Days, for in them shall you begin to know the mind of God and the glory of My salvation in Messiah. And NO leader amongst the churches of men, who teaches the doctrine of hell and eternal torment,[7] shall by any means be gathered! Neither shall any who embrace this teaching escape! For I do not know them, neither do I abide in them. And NOT ONE who comes speaking against this Word or My messengers, to stone them in word and by deed, to slander them, to spit upon them, to strike them down, or to bring even one railing accusation against them, whether it be in open or in secret, shall by any means escape the Day of The Lord’s Fury! For I tell you the truth, neither age nor gender shall deliver them. For The Lord your God is no respecter of persons;[8] I know your hearts! For as I am, says The Lord, so shall I be. And as I have always done, so shall I perform it again, even amongst this modern generation of perverse and deceitful peoples."

Excerpt from:
Thus Says The Lord to the Churches of Men,
And to All Their Self-Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Preachers

4/29/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding Self-Appointed Apostles, Prophets and Teachers)

Thus says The Lord: Is My Word in need of confirmation by those who say they know Me, yet do not really know Me? Is the Word of My mouth subject to men, whose understanding remains altogether lacking, whose knowledge is corrupt and whose power is of no use at all? Shall My words be made subject to the approval of any self-appointed apostle, prophet or teacher? Shall flesh usurp the things of God? Can mortal man ascend above the throne of The Eternal? Shall the created rule over The Creator, or the corrupt sit as judge over The Holy? Shall any attempt to occupy My throne and not be cast down?!
For I tell you the truth, ALL flesh shall be humbled in the Day of The Lord; the whole world shall be bowed down! For all creation is subject to The Word of God, every living creature is put into subjection to The Almighty! Nothing in the earth beneath, or in the heavens above, shall usurp the will of The Most High!
Therefore, I ask you, do My servants seek glory for themselves? Have they so highly esteemed themselves, as to name themselves according to the gift? Are they so skilled in knowledge and cleverness of speech, that they may now appoint themselves to a certain office, without first being called? The gift is Mine! And I bestow it upon whomever I wish, whenever I choose!
For I call My servants out from among them, I appoint every office, and I Myself number their steps before them. For My gifts are given through The Spirit, and must also be received in Me. They are in no wise open to claim, nor shall anyone on earth assign them. For only those in union with The Messiah are able to walk in them.

Thus the highly esteemed shall be abandoned,
And the self-appointed severely abased...

Left to walk through the valley in the
Great and Terrible Day of The Lord,
Until death comes to claim them...

Declares The Lord.

From: Subject to No Man

6/25/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

"Therefore, I call to the prophets of every religion!...

To every prophet of the wicked one,
To every soothsayer and prognosticator,
To every scoffer and evil man
Who seek to harm My anointed,
Even to every person who plots ill will
In their hearts against My messengers...

Come forward and fight against My witnesses!
That I may cut you down and purge you
From your places, that you may be
No more before My face!...

Behold, I shall make of you a great slaughter!

Yes, come and make plans and devise your evil schemes, and come and strike at My prophets that you might do them harm! For the days of the martyred prophets are at an end; the time of recompense is here! Hurry now, come forward, that I may strike you down where you stand, that I may take your life from you in a moment, that I may litter the streets with your rotting corpses! Says The Lord God.
Thus shall the prophets of The Lord be made plain, and the prophets of the wicked one be exposed. For the false prophets shall become rotting corpses in every land, scattered across every nation!

Yet the prophets of The Lord
Shall march free, undaunted!
Behold, they shall fly,
They shall be given eagle’s wings!..."

Excerpt from:
The Days of the Martyred Prophets Are at an End

1/29/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior - The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy During an Online Fellowship, For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear (Regarding modern false prophets)

Thus says The Lord: The false prophets gather, and the deceitful teachers increase in number like a plague; a great company who pollute My holy name in one accord, to the blaspheming of The Spirit; a multitude whose every word I despise in My zeal!...

Behold the prophets Hananiah![9]
And of his reward, they are fully worthy!...

And I shall not withhold, says The Lord God.

From: Prophets Hananiah

11/9/08 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding a false prophetess, who claims she receives the Word of The Lord)

Thus says The Lord God, yes I, YAHUWAH, The God of Israel: I DO NOT KNOW HER! Neither have I sent her, nor has she at anytime heard the Word of The Lord! Therefore this prophet, even all prophets who speak in My name, saying, “Thus says The Lord,” when I have NOT spoken it, neither did it come forth from My mouth, even these prophets shall be brought to utter ruin! Behold, all their houses shall become as the dung hill, piles of refuse, in the Day of The Lord’s Anger! For of such are all their words before Me, of such is the value I have assigned to all their lofty assertions! I AM THE LORD!
Therefore, let them never again speak in My name, saying, “Come and hear the word The Lord speaks,” when I have NOT spoken it! Let all these self-appointed prophets stay silent, let them be quiet and open not their mouths, lest I strike them down for all their false-witnessing!

Yet let the chosen trumpet MY Word loudly!
Let them shout it from the rooftops and spread
My Word abroad, by all manner of speaking and devices!...

For I Myself have sent them! Says The Lord.

Woe to Those Who Bear False Witness in The Lord’s Name
Saying, “Hear the Word of The Lord”
When The Lord Has Not Spoken It

2/11/11 From The Lord, Our God and Savior
The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy
For The Lord’s Little Flock, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
(Regarding the gift of prophecy)

"Yet understand this also: That which I commanded be written in a book was named according to the one who received it, so all may know to whom I have spoken, lest any lay claim to My words as though they were their own, polluting them, bringing upon themselves quick judgment and great recompense. And so it is to this day; I speak to whomever I choose, and it is noted that this is the one to whom I have spoken - Let not another lay claim!
Beloved ones, human power is of no use at all. You are but vessels for My glory. And when one departs from this wisdom and falls away, My Word also grows quiet as My hand is removed. And I shall surely humble them, according to the length of time I dictate as needful. Yet if one turns and does not cease from fighting against Me, the very same shall have their name stricken from My Book. I AM THE LORD."

Excerpt from: Ears to Hear

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